Bennie Flores Ansell

Born in Manila, Philippines, Bennie Flores Ansell is a Houston-based visual artist. Working in themes that address migration patterns, light, shadow and murmuration forms, her work deconstructs and re-contextualizes photographic materials. She creates objects, installations, colorful light projections and photographs by manipulating and re-contextualizing 35 mm art history slides, mirrors, and other artifacts born from the medium of photography. She says that by breaking down the fundamentals of photography into light drawings, her projections distill meaning into a more transparent form. “The objects and installations carry weight, occupy space, and deconstruct image materials to reconstruct the presence of a missing image.”

Flores Ansell is a professor in the Art Department at the Houston Community College and previously taught at the High School of Performing and Visual Arts. She holds an MFA in photography from the University of Houston and a BA in photography from the University of South Florida. She was awarded an American Photography Institute Fellowship at New York University and was an artist-in-residence at the Asia Society Museum in Houston. Her works are in many private collections and have been exhibited nationally and internationally at the International Center for Photography, Festival De La Luz in Argentina; the Daegu Photography Biennale in South Korea; Uno Art Space, Stuttgart, Germany; and Patricia Conde Galeria in Mexico City.

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