Jamie Diaz

Jamie Diaz creates whimsical and functional ceramic objects, such as pots, cups, and cocktail sets. Originally from El Paso, TX, Jamie grew up mostly in Houston, studying photography, drawing, and painting during high school. However, during college, she discovered the endless possibilities of ceramics, which lead to an entirely new avenue of expression and creativity.

Diaz’s current work is inspired by her ideas about the human need for attachment and connection. The way in which her pots are placed—interacting with one another in a designated space—acts as a mode of engagement with the observer and eventual user. “The size of the pot, and the number of cups or pieces intended to be used, evokes a sense of intimacy and community…while the experience in using handmade pottery can be individual, personal, and sometimes secluded, the desire to share and connect with a single other person or group of people is what allows us to feel that sense of belonging. That sense of belonging and intimacy is what I am trying to express and articulate through my work in clay.”

All of Diaz’s forms begin on the wheel and are later altered with the incorporation of slabs. She works with a porcelain clay body, which is glazed with wood ash glazes and fired in a soda kiln to cone 10. During her brief residency at HCCC, she plans to explore creating different surfaces for her work and incorporating clay bodies with contrasting richness and color. She also plans to experiment with leaving parts of her pieces unglazed, or raw, giving the user a variety of textures and new aesthetic qualities.

Diaz holds a BFA in Ceramics from the University of North Texas and has exhibited her work in several local and regional shows.