Leslie Shershow

Leslie Shershow grew up in the small town of Belfast, Maine. After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA in metals, she stayed in the Boston area to further develop her jewelry at her studio in Somerville, MA, exhibiting her work in various group shows around the country. Prior to joining HCCC as an artist-in-residence, she taught metalsmithing to children and adults in various art centers and colleges in the Boston area and managed the metalshop at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts for several years.

Leslie’s work is an exploration of man’s complex relationship with objects, specifically the ownership and attainment of things. Using silver, copper, and other non-ferrous metals, she fabricates the structure of her pieces, often employing a hydraulic press to create three-dimensional forms. She frequently uses acrylic to create a backing or substrate for the metal parts, and this backing often acts as a window into the structure of the piece. By mimicking the quilted patterns from designer handbags and luxury-car upholstery, she creates a covetable object—one that signifies status or decadence. Leslie will be at HCCC through February of 2012. For more information, visit