Paula Haymond

Paula Haymond is a woodturner who combines pyrography (wood burning), wood piercing (lacework), wood carving, acrylic paints, and metals to create three-dimensional objects of art. She seeks to explore the relationships among color, imagination, form and texture to express the wonder she so often found in the woods, lakes and open pastoral scenes of her native Indiana.

Paula’s work begins with the choice of wood that is best suited for thin wall turning: less than 1/16th inch finished thickness. The shapes are turned and hollowed on the lathe in preparation for surface enhancement and embellishment. Her designs are based on her own photographs of patterns, botanicals, insects, birds and animals, all of which create opportunities for storytelling. Her works feature intricate patterns in lacework on wood, as well as realistic portrayals of nature through air-brush painting and wood burning.

Paula is a member of the Gulf Coast Woodturners Association and has taught classes in wood turning, piercing and embellishing at local workshops and regional symposia. She has been accepted to be a mentor for the Virginia Symposium of Woodturners in 2012. Paula has exhibited at HCCC and several regional and national venues. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Butler University and a Doctor of Education from Indiana University. She has lived in Houston since 1982, when she established her private practice as a licensed psychologist: Haymond, Rappaport & Associates, P.C.

Paula will be with HCCC through May of 2012. During her residency, she hopes to document her experiences and submit them to the American Association of Woodturners magazine for publication.