Grow a Plant from a Cutting!

Posted April 8, 2020 in Learn

Expand your garden at home by adding a new plant without visiting a nursery! Now is the best time to start your mini urban garden if you don’t have enough space at home. You can grow your favorite plant in the most creative way possible. Experiment with a variety of plants and see which ones easily grow new roots in water.  Last month, we had to cut down a small tree in our backyard as it becoming home to some pest we do not want in the garden. The mini chainsaw we got from OccupyTheFarm proved to be very useful during that time. Because of this incident, we decided to plant more to compensate for that lovely tree we lost. This project is great for little kids to help with.

✶✶ Great for kids aged 5+ ✶✶


✶ Clean scissors
✶ Mother plant
✶ Glass jar
✶ Water
✶ Soil
✶ Pot for plant


  1. Grab a pair of scissors and jar of water and take a walk.
  2. Look for plants with non-woody stems to try and propagate from a cutting. The mother plant (the one you’re cutting from) should be large enough, so that removing one or more cuttings will not harm or kill it. Woody plants such as hibiscus and citrus do not root well in water.
  3. Remove all the leaves except the top two. Cut the top two leaves in half with scissors.
  4. Place your cuttings in a jar of water and set them near a sunny window. Watch and wait about 2 – 4 weeks. Some plants will easily grow new roots; others may die. Plants that are easy to propagate include willow, salvia, and begonias.
  5. Once the plants have established roots, plant them in potting soil in a pot.
  6. Congratulations! You just cloned a plant!