Who’s Making the Glasses for Martini Madness?

Posted September 16, 2010 in Blog

HCCC will kick off its 10th Anniversary Year with the third annual Martini Madness! event tonight, Thursday, September 16, from 7 – 10 p.m. At the beginning of the evening, guests select a one-of-a-kind artisan martini glass to use and take home. Eileen Braun is one of the 18 artists who has created these special martini glasses. Eileen Braun is a ceramic artist who has exhibited at HCCC and has work available in Asher Gallery. She received her B.A. from Indiana University, in Sculpture and Art Education, and currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA. Below she shares about her experience making martini glasses for Martini Madness!

Above are Eileen Braun's martini glasses.

When Susanne Sippel of Asher Gallery invited me to contribute glasses for the annual Martini Madness! fundraiser, I admit, I was a bit flummoxed and excited at the same time. I love the challenge of creating a completely new project. Designing a new project occupies my mind, as I spend what seems endless time stippling and slip trailing texture to my porcelain vessel surfaces.

I spent two months just pondering what my glasses should feel like in my hand and to my lips. I admit to being partial to a Dirty Martini, extra olives please. Through vigorous sampling, I decided the container needed to be glass. A jeweler and glass artist friend, Pattie Appleby, came to my rescue, cutting the stemware down to fit my thrown porcelain stems, which I carved stippled and slip trailed.

The martini stems are an updated homage to Baroque silverwork, which I admire. Indeed, sipping a martini is a very civilized affair and should be treated with great respect. Each of my black and white glasses have different colored center stems, so you can keep track of your drink–hands off, you poachers!

I hope you enjoy drinking from my martini glasses! HCCC is an awesome contribution to Houston and the world of contemporary craft. I am delighted to have been asked to participate in Martini Madness!. Drink up! You can see more of my ceramic work on my website and, come September, a shipment of new work will be arriving at Asher Gallery.

Eileen Braun stipples and slip trails texture on her stemware.