Flowers blooming in the Craft Garden

Craft Garden

The Craft Garden started in 2003 as a collaboration among artists, community members and gardeners. Today, the plants in the garden are divided into four sections: baskets, textiles, dyes and papers. In the Craft Garden, you will discover the craft process–from planting to the production of materials. Some artists use the garden as a space for site-specific installations, create work for the garden or lead workshops that use garden materials. Because growing seasons differ for each plant, we encourage you to plan a visit to experience our garden at different times of the year.

In the spring of 2017, HCCC installed a bee hive on the roof of the building.  Honeybees are pollinators and a key fixture of our ecology. Beyond pollinating Houston’s gardens and landscaping, they are essential to a number of agricultural crops. The bees are managed by a beekeeper from the local Bee2Bee Honey Collective and support the many flowering plants featured in the Craft Garden, gathering nectar and pollen for the production of honey.