Self-guided groups may arrange a visit with at least two weeks advance notice. Availability and space are limited, so please make a reservation before planning your trip! The maximum number of visitors that can be accommodated is 40. One chaperone or teacher is needed per 10 students. Large groups are encouraged to split into smaller parties and may request multiple self-guided visits on the same day. Contact in advance for additional assistance with booking larger groups.

Free, docent-led tours can be scheduled Tuesday through Saturday, between 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  Guided tours require a reservation at least three weeks prior to the desired tour date. 

Tours are approximately one hour long but can be customized to suit group needs. Tour groups will view the current exhibitions, interact with resident artists at work in their studios, and visit HCCC’s Craft Garden to learn about plant materials used in craft making.

All groups are limited to a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 people. HCCC requires at least one adult chaperone for every 10 students in grade levels pre-K through high school. If you would like to bring a larger group or arrange for a virtual tour, please contact William Soller at 713-529-4848 ext. 112 or to discuss options.

An hour-long workshop can be added to your tour for a nominal fee. A stand-alone workshop (without a tour) can also be requested. Led by local teaching artists, our workshops provide a great hands-on learning experience.

The workshop price includes a teaching fee of $50, plus a materials fee of $5 per participant. The teaching fee is due seven business days in advance of the scheduled workshop and is also refundable seven business days before the workshop. The materials fee is due on the workshop date to avoid over or underpayment.

To schedule a free tour and/or workshop, please fill out this form to make a reservation at least three weeks prior to the desired date. Tours and workshops are not confirmed until you have been contacted in writing by HCCC.

Available workshops include:

**Book Binding**
Recommended for ages 5+ 

Participants will learn a simple book-binding technique using waxed thread. The books will be finished by the end of the workshop and ready to be used for sketching or journaling. This workshop can be adjusted based on age and experience level.

**Clay Mugs**
Recommended for ages 5+
Participants will learn hand-building techniques to create textured clay mugs. The mugs will be bisque fired in our kiln and ready for pick-up in two weeks. This workshop can be adjusted based on age and experience level.

**Clay Glazing**
Recommended for ages 5+
As a follow-up to the Clay Mug workshop, participants can return to glaze their mugs. They can also experiment with glazing a pre-made tile. Glaze serves to add color, decoration and waterproofing of an object. The mugs or tiles will be fired in our kiln and ready for pick-up in two weeks.

**2D to 3D in Polymer Clay**
Recommended for ages 5+
Participants will sketch an object from various angles and learn how to translate their designs from 2D to 3D, using polymer clay.  Polymer clay is a molding clay that comes in a variety of colors. Projects will be baked on site and ready within 20 minutes.

**Wet-Felted Bracelets**
Recommended for ages 5+
Participants will learn wet-felting techniques as they create a colorful cord to use as a bracelet. Through a combination of heat, moisture, and agitation, raw wool fibers become entangled to form a solid piece of felt. The felt cord can be taken home the same day.

**Sewn Pendants**
Recommended for ages 7+
Participants will learn basic sewing skills by creating a hanging felt pendant. Participants will cut simple shapes from colored felt and hand sew them onto a banner, while learning beginner stitches. Advanced students can add more complicated stitches and embroidery techniques to their projects.

**Junk to Jewelry**
Recommended for ages 7+
Participants will learn about upcycling, the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and beautiful, and how it breaks the rules of traditional jewelry making. This workshop can also be scheduled as a team-building workshop.