Introducing Our New Artists-in-Residence: Jessica Dupuis

Posted October 15, 2010 in Blog

Jessica is a ceramist from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She received her BFA from Alfred University in New York, and her MFA from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Jessica uses the combination of clay and discarded materials, such as newspaper and cardboard boxes to construct objects that are light and fragile, but packed with power.We talked with her about what she will be working on while in residency at HCCC and how she found the program.

Jessica in her studio at HCCC.

While finishing graduate school  I researched artist-in-residency programs at various organizations and did searches through search engines like Alliance of Artists Communities. I discovered HCCC’s program while reading through online offerings on Ceramics Monthly’s education resources page. I wanted to go to a new place, particularly a new city, and have access to a strong arts community. I thought this program sounded like a great stepping stone from graduate school to my professional career.

Work in progress at HCCC by Jessica Dupuis.

I brought with me a bucket of scraps and remnants to Houston from my graduate school work. My goal for the artist-in-residency is to make a new body of work and just experience being an artist in a community. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work in a space that is my own and I love exploring Houston and what it has to offer.

Grid by Jessica Dupuis, photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled by Jessica Dupuis, photo courtesy Edie Shimel