Introducing Our New Artists-in-Residence: Kristi Rae Wilson

Posted November 5, 2010 in Blog

Kristi Rae Wilson is a mixed media artist who has returned to her hometown of Houston after being away for seven years. She received her BFA from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, TX before earning her MFA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Kristi in her studio at HCCC.

I found out about the residency at HCCC when I was in undergrad at Stephen F. Austin University. I didn’t feel I was prepared for it at the time, but I stored away the information for later. When I graduated with my MFA, I sought out residencies in the USA and Europe. HCCC was the first to contact me and after accepting the position, I was excited to return back to Houston.

During my residency, I hope to continue researching fabrics and allow this research to influence my jewelry skills. I want to allow this relationship between fabric and jewelry to happen organically. In the end, I hope for two different outcomes. The first outcome being a high end production line of jewelry and the second developing large scale exhibition pieces.

Tea Infuser Earrings, by Kristi Rae Wilson, photo by Motoko Furuhashi.

Detachment of the Bed Sheet, still from 2 minute looped video by Kristi Rae Wilson, photo courtesy the artist.

Remnants Collar, by Kristi Rae Wilson, photo by Motoko Furuhashi.