HCCC at the GHCVB!

Posted July 28, 2011 in Blog

The Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau (GHCVB) is where visitors and Houstonians alike can find information about things to do in the Bayou City. Inside their downtown building are cases or kiosks for different organizations in town to stage a display and provide information about what they do. Recently, GHCVB asked us to put together items for a display in one of their main kiosks. We stopped by today to drop off the makings of what we hope is an exciting display. Check back in a few weeks, when we publish the final results!

The empty kiosk waiting to be filled with items that offer insight into craft-making processes.

Yarn and other supplies for the kiosk.

Ceramic tools that will be used as props in the display.

A sneak peak at the new banner designed by Jenny Lynn Weitz for the kiosk.