Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts from Asher Gallery

Posted December 5, 2013 in Blog

The holidays have officially arrived, and that means the shopping season has begun! HCCC’s Asher Gallery has a wonderful selection of gifts for all the people in your life who appreciate the handmade. To give you an idea of the wide variety of beautifully crafted objects to choose from, we decided to ask the HCCC staff to share with readers what their favorite gift items are.

Executive Director, Julie Farr, chose Lisa Wilson’s brooch series and said, “Lisa Wilson has pushed her sculptural boundaries into exquisite, delicate glass-enamel work that enhances her metal skills in her Floral Brooch series.  And her enamel anvils, embellished with a flower, speak to the Southern women—delicate but, oh, so strong.”

Lisa Wilson Brooches 3_to post

Lisa Wilson, “Floral Brooch Series.” Sterling silver, enamel. Photo by HCCC


Curatorial Fellow, Kathryn Hall, selected Claire Webb’s ring, Arrive. “With all of its glittery goodness, this ring certainly packs a punch!”

Webb-Arrive 8x8_for blog

Claire Webb, “Arrive.” Mixed media. Photo courtesy of the artist.


Education Director, Miariam Mendoza, had a difficult time choosing, but finally decided on former resident artist Chanda Glendenning’s mugs. “I am drawn to Chanda Glendenning’s contemporary mugs. The bright colors and playful decorative pattern are akin to whimsical illustrations found in Dr. Seuss books.  The mug’s distinctive flared-bottom form and its small size allow it to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Its true charm lies in the raised dots that provide an interesting and pleasant tactile experience.  It’s the kind of mug that makes you want to curl up on your couch and read a good book while drinking your favorite hot beverage.”

Chanda mugs 3_to post

Chanda Glendinning, Two mugs. Porcelain. Photo by HCCC


Communications Director, Mary Headrick, selected Judy Geagley’s handmade stuffed animals.  “These are so cute, with an inspired selection of wool and patterned fabrics that give way to subtle sophistication.  One of these will be perfect for my friend’s new baby, and maybe I’ll get one for myself!”

stuffed animals 2_to post

Judy Geagley, Stuffed Animals. Recycled sweaters. Photo by HCCC.


Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator, Jenny Lynn Weitz, chose Leslie Shershow’s Bell Earrings and Links and Bells Necklace. “These are my favorite because I can put them on, and it’s instant party time! They are light, festive, and go well with every outfit!”

Shershow link_brass_4bell necklace

Leslie Shershow, “Bells Necklace.” Brass, sterling silver. Photo courtesy of the artist

Shershow doublebell_e

Leslie Shershow, “Bell Earrings.” Brass, sterling silver. Photo courtesy of the artist


Jason Kishell’s Smug Mugs were chosen by Facilities Manager and Preparator, Quinn Hagood.  “I enjoy work that has a sense of humor. These objects that Kishell is creating are not only well crafted, but you also can’t help but smile or laugh.”

Kishell mug 2

Jason Kishell, “Smug Mug.” Porcelain, china paint. Photo by HCCC


Renée Pollock, Asher Gallery and Membership Associate, said, “My current favorite in Asher is Jan Harrell’s large platter inspired by her Banquet for the Muse series. Enamel on copper, it is an organic, flower-like plate with hues that melt from warm oranges to soft yellows, overlaid with an intricate, ivory spider design. The wavering edges are like flower petals, and the light seems to make this sculpture glow delicately. Harrell is a true artisan!”

Jan Harrel bowl_to post

Jan Harrell, large platter. Enamel on copper. Photo by HCCC


Administrative Director, Heather Schiappa, selected Rebecca Zeman’s Solstice Pendant.  “I love its whimsical vibe.  The gorgeous stone Rebecca chose looks like an enchanting blue orb, floating inside the sharp, industrial metal ring.  Such an interesting juxtaposition and a great conversation piece!”

Rebecca Zeman's solstice pendant

Rebecca Zeman, “Solstice pendant.” Sterling silver, blue topaz. Photo by HCCC.


Asher Gallery Sales Associate, Jen Dombrowski, thinks Gretchen Diehl’s Flower earrings are the ideal gift item. “Her pieces are youthful and vibrant, with a unique intrigue. They’re ideal for a college student, such as myself, because they won’t break the bank!”

Gretchen Diehl flower earrings

Gretchen Diehl, Flower earrings. Inkjet shrink film. Photo by HCCC


Curatorial Assistant, Ashley Powell, chose Rachelle Vasquez’s crocheted animal scarves. “I love these scarves because they are perfect practical winter gifts; they’re superbly made and contain a bit of whimsy for that person in your life who really appreciates humorous gift giving.”


Rachelle Vasquez, “Crocheted Alligator Scarf.” Yarn. Photo courtesy of the artist


Rachelle Vasquez, “Crocheted Fox Scarf.” Yarn. Photo courtesy of the artist


Suzanne Sippel, Asher Gallery Manager, said, “I’ll take the light string by Connie Roberts. It’s Christmas lights. It’s whistles. It’s just plain awesome.”

Connie roberts lights

Connie Roberts, Light String. Wood. Photo by HCCC