HCCC: La Frontera

Halt713Posted September 2, 2014 in In The News

The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is not on as many people’s radars as I think it should be. For years, they have produced thoughtful, insightful exhibitions that use “craft” objects to tell stories. This isn’t basket weaving, folks! Don’t dismiss HCCC now that you know of it.

This exhibit, titled “La Frontera” (“The Borderlands”) deals with the topic of international borders using contemporary jewelry. Yes, pause on that one. I think jewelry can symbolize the border between the emotional makeup and visual appearance of the wearer. In this way, La Frontera is an amazingly innovative exhibit.

It first opened in June, 2013 in Mexico City with work chosen by the founders of Velvet da Vinci Gallery in San Francisco and an artist in Mexico City.

Unfortunately, the work isn’t for sale through HCCC so I can just encourage you to go see it as a thought-provoking show.

The title wall piece was done by Daniel Anguilu.