Staff Picks for Holiday Gifts!

Posted November 25, 2014 in Blog

Read what the HCCC staff has to say about some of their favorite gift items from Asher Gallery.


Brian Ferrell, “Scotch Whiskey Set.” Pewter, Mahogany, Maple, Rubber. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Kathryn Hall, Curatorial Fellow
This is a gift that, surely, Ron Burgundy would approve of. It will have you entertaining with style. You stay classy, Houston!


Delaney Smith, “Signatures #8.” Paper and Receipts. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Amanda Shackleford, Asher Gallery Sales Associate
This wall piece is an absolute stunner. Delaney’s work always strikes me as both classy and minimal, but never without its surprises. With soft dreamy ruffles and contrasting, dark printed receipts in the center, “Signatures #8” is no exception! There are no doubts this piece is not only a homerun gift, but it’s sure to keep praises pouring in long after the holidays have passed.


Caitie Sellers, “Small Powerline Earrings.” Silver and Steel. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Jen Dombrowski, Asher Gallery Sales Associate
Holiday travel can be overwhelming! Do yourself a favor by finding jewelry that complements everything. Caitie Sellers creates the ultimate versatile work. Her “Small Powerline Earrings” are a scaled-down pair from her hit “Powerline” series. With clean lines and an urban motif, these silver earrings enhance any outfit by adding effortless one-of-a-kind flair.


Gretchen Diehl, “Cockatiels Necklace.” Shrink Film. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Heather Schiappa, Administrative Director
This necklace is both fun and whimsical! As with all of Gretchen’s hand-drawn jewelry, the “Cockatiels” necklace is easy to wear, friendly to your wallet, and a great conversation starter.


Brian Ferrell, “Assorted Vases.” Wood and Metal. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Miriam Mendoza, Education Director
I was drawn to Brian Ferrell’s sculptural vases because of their elegant form and design. The unique interplay between metal and wood gives these pieces a distinct contemporary look.  Exquisitely crafted, these highly polished vases can stand alone as beautiful small-scale sculptures and are great conversational pieces.


Moon Spoon, “Various Utensils.” Laser-Cut Cherry Wood. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Julie Farr, Executive Director
My favorite go-to gift around any holiday is a serving piece or cooking utensil made by Moon Spoon, of Kempton, Pennsylvania. I keep several wrapped and ready for hostess gifts–they last longer than a bottle of wine, get better use, don’t conflict with your hosts’ carefully planned menu, and are universally appreciated by their recipients.


Robert Thomas Mullen, “Assorted Earrings.” Wood and Gold Leaf. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Elizabeth Kozlowski, Curator
Everybody knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and, in the case of jeweler Robert Thomas Mullen, wood and gold leaf take the lead. He is a master of his materials, and anyone lucky enough to own a piece of his will have a timeless treasure and true work of art in their collection.

Bridgland -Staggered-Trio

Jay Bridgeland, “Assorted Disc Necklaces.” Glass and Metal. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Mary Headrick, Communications Director
I’m mesmerized by Jay Bridgeland’s “Disc” necklaces.  They look like beautiful glass candies.  I love the soothing colors and the overlapping, swirling patterns created by the transparency of the material.  Any of these pieces would make a stunning gift for someone who collects statement jewelry.


Demitra Thomloudis, “Pink Concrete Textured Earrings.” Concrete and Steel. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Hayley McSwain, Digital Marketing Intern
I just love the use of concrete in these earrings, which is an unexpected material for jewelry, juxtaposed with the bright pink burst of color on top. The stamped texture transforms the material into something tactile and elegant. What’s more “Houston” than concrete earrings?


Eugene Watson, “Trapezoid Box.” Curly Maple Wood. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Leah French, Volunteer Manager & Education Support
This is the perfect box for anyone looking for a little extra storage! The geometric shape and simple lines show off the natural beauty of the maple wood, and the secret storage compartment is a unique detail!


Peggy and Steve Kittleson, “Assorted Kaleidescopes.” Wood and Glass. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Kevin Shelton, Facilities Support & Preparator
I am attracted to the quality and simplicity of Peggy and Steve Kittleson’s kaleidoscopes. I have always enjoyed playing with them and can appreciate the idea of what could be considered an “heirloom” toy.


Kat Cole, “Boundary Lines Necklace.” Mixed Media. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Carolyn Catlos, Gallery Attendant
Kat Cole’s “Boundary Line Necklace” is a perfect gift for the adventuresome soul. The bold color, dynamic movement, and shifting lines of this necklace capture the spirit of those who like to redefine borders and are not afraid to walk right up to the edge.


L&M Studio, “Eight bud Vase.” Porcelain. Photo by Amanda Shackleford.

Suzanne Sippel, Asher Gallery Manager
It’s a clean, modern design that doesn’t feel industrial. Also, I want to go shopping for eight different-colored flowers.