What happened today, Gilbert?

Posted October 21, 2015 in Blog

By Ann Morton

In contemplating the What Happened Today? project, I hoped that maybe, just maybe, someone would be inspired to write a note on multiple days to chronicle their own life and become an active part of this effort. I got my wish, but from a quite unexpected source. It may surprise many to learn that a number of our 3 x 3 notes have been returned by prisoners in the Harris County and Montgomery County jails.

There has been one inmate in particular that, through his writings, we’ve come to know – Gilbert. Because he only had the first note he found in the Houston Chronicle, he has taken it upon himself to make his own What Happened Today note forms. This just adds to the charm of his contributions. His messages speak of his daily devotion to his faith and his commitment to become a better person.  So far, we’ve received a note from Gilbert for everyday between May 6th and June 11th – and we hope for more now that we have sent him his very own note pads to use!

We’ve been inspired by the hope and human spirit that shines through Gilbert’s notes. No matter your spiritual leanings, we think you’ll be inspired too. We might all learn something from Gilbert’s devotion to staying positive in the midst of the storm.

Be sure to visit the exhibition, on view now through January 3, 2016 at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. You’ll see all of Gilbert’s daily notes, and hundreds of others too, actually . . . maybe thousands!

May 7, 2015
050715_Gilbert_LRMay 17, 2015
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