Houston Art Legend Gets a Crafty Tribute in River Oaks

Paper CityPosted May 2, 2019 in In The News

The Texas Arts Scene Owes This Man a Debt
By Matthew Ramirez

Perry Price, chair Betty Moody, honoree Clint Willour, chair Anne Tucker (Photo by Katy Anderson)

What: Houston Center for Contemporary Craft’s 10th Annual Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon

Where: River Oaks Country Club

PC Moment: It was an afternoon to remember for the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, a renowned-nationally cultural institution that’s still just barely old enough to drive (the 17-year-old HCCC was established in 2002).

Honoring legendary arts patron Clint Willour, nearly 300 guests in bright, colorful, spring-appropriate floral prints and hues stormed River Oaks Country Club to honor the man whose mentorship and presence has steered the course of the Texas art scene for 50 years.

Chaired by Betty MoodyAnne Tucker, and Cindi Strauss (who was out of town on MFAH business), the trio crafted an exquisite luncheon in observation of a full decade of HCCC’s signature fundraising event, its Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon.

HCCC executive director Perry Price welcomed the well-heeled throng of guests with salutatory greetings, before guest speaker and ceramic artist and educator Piero Fenci took the floor for some insightful remarks.

Fenci then ceded the podium, however, for art power chair duo gallerist Moody and curator Tucker, who introduced their friend and the day’s honoree.

A slide show of Willour alongside his many distinguished art world peers throughout the decades was displayed as the two shared their personal hilarious and heartwarming tales of Willour, many of which left the audience both laughing and crying.

Johnathan Andrew Sage Inc. fashioned the eye-grabbing, tropical floral arrangements which decked out the reception room, while Craft Center’s Asher Gallery pop-up shop served as a place for guests to acquire the luncheon’s spectacular artwork centerpieces, alongside jewelry, handbags and a trove of coveted silent auction items from talents who’d worked alongside Willour for years.

All told, the luncheon brought in nearly $220,000 towards HCCC’s mission of advancing the art of craft through education, exhibitions, and its artist-in-residency program.

PC Seen: Houston Center for Contemporary Craft board prez Phyllis Childress; HCCC founding president Sara Morgan; board vice president and acclaimed ceramic artist Tracye Wear with husband David Brown; and crafty company including 2018 honoree Mariquita Masterson and artist daughter Libbie Masterson; gallerists Geri Hooks, celebrating her birthday, and Anya Tish and Nicole Longnecker; the honoree’s husband Reid MitchellDuyen Nguyen, snapping up a Susan Plum candelabra; Renee WallaceBeverly BerryMarilyn Oshman, who acquired the charming wood sculpture by Connie Roberts; Rosemary PriceJudy Nyquist with dad Jerry SchultzVictoriaand Marshal LightmanAnne KinderLeigh SmithMady KadesJereann Chaney; HCCC deputy director Mary Headrick; art advisor Lea Weingarten; artist Suzanne Bloom and Ed Hill of MANUAL; Moody Gallery’s Lee Steffy; MFAH director Gary Tinterow and curator Dena Woodall; and Nina and Michael Zilkha.

Additional reporting by Catherine D. Anspon.