Our Inclusion Commitment Statement

The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft’s mission is to educate on the process, product, and history of craft, here in the city of Houston and across the country. In our exhibitions, educational programs, and artist residencies, we strive for equity and inclusion. For our audiences, we aim to reach all people, no matter their previous connection or access to the arts. But the best of intentions are insufficient, and we do not always measure up.

The recent demonstrations over the murder and mistreatment of Black Americans demand a long-overdue, substantive reckoning by privileged individuals and organizations. We are committed to recognizing and acknowledging our responsibility to be part of the solution. These are not new societal ills, but they demand immediate action. We commit to necessary action and to strengthen our own resolve. 

To be of and for Houston, the most diverse city in the nation, we affirm our responsibility to make immediate and necessary changes to improve our operations and programming, so that we may be as inclusive as possible for all audiences, and to increase diversity in our staff and leadership in order to more closely reflect Houston’s many communities.

We insist that Black Lives Matter.
We pledge to take effective steps to be anti-racist and inclusive in our intent and in our actions.
We commit to assemble a board, staff, advisors, and a programmatic schedule that reflect the demographic community of which we are a part. To be the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, we must be of Houston.
We expect that when we make mistakes, we will be kept accountable–today and beyond.
We welcome you to be a part of the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

HCCC Board and Staff