Amber Marie Smith was born in Redlands, California. In 2011, she graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by post baccalaureate studies. Amber left California to attend Virginia Commonwealth University, where she obtained her MFA in craft and material studies in 2015.

Using primarily clay and balsa wood, Amber recreates furniture and duplicates home environments. She investigates the way her mind alters memories–especially childhood memories. The intimate space of a bedroom allows for the representation of these distorted childhood recollections. The house tableaus she designs are missing parts, shifted in height and replicated. Amber often makes two of the same piece, mirroring the work, for more alteration. For Amber, the doubling is a way to hold on to something longer. If one possesses multiples of an object, and one thing is lost, then there are others to replace it.

Amber will be with HCCC through February, 2017. During her six-month residency, she plans to continue doubling and exploring the reflective surfaces of mirrors, glass and water. She also wants to expand her skills in making new objects, including ceiling fans, lamps and playground sets. To learn more about her work, please visit