Colette Spears

Collette Spears

Collette Spears hails from Indiana, where she received her BFA in ceramics and BA in psychology from Ball State University in 2014. She worked as an educational assistant at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts during the summer of 2013 and has spent time assisting renowned kiln builder, Ted Neal, with kilns for various clay studios in Indiana, Kentucky, California, and British Columbia.

In her work, Collette explores how art serves as a therapeutic expulsion for the body and mind through process. As someone who has worked to cope with generalized anxiety, finding a healthy outlet for excess energy is essential. She translates psychological tension into clay work, via carving, pattern and form, placing great emphasis on precision and craft. She explores concepts of perfectionism, connection, and vulnerability and is learning to embrace struggle as a critical part of a fulfilling, productive lifestyle. During her one-year residency, she will continue to develop a balance of pattern and form in her work, strengthen concepts, and hopefully find inspiration within the other artistic disciplines represented at HCCC.

Collette has exhibited nationally and was the 2014 NICHE Award Student Winner of the Ceramics: Sculptural category. She was also a NICHE finalist in two other categories and a Windgate Fellowship nominee. She will be with HCCC from September, 2014, through August, 2015. To learn more about Collette, visit