Ean Escoto

Ean Escoto works in jewelry metals, incorporating fabrication, casting, ceramics, 3D printing, and electronics.  He believes that jewelry accrues sentimental value as it is carried through life events, and he wants his jewelry to be a participant in people’s lives.  His work always provides the wearer with a small story or mystery to share. Whether derived from studies in materials, technique, or interaction, his pieces shrink the gaps from plinth to hand and person to person by rewarding curiosity and investigation.

Ean was raised in the small, picturesque town of June Lake, California. He moved to San Diego to study bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego, but he graduated from San Diego State University with a BA in applied design for jewelry, metalsmithing, and ceramics in 2016. Ean is a 2016 Windgate Fellow. He has been a partner in a private studio for five years, and his work has been shown in Taboo Studio, San Diego, CA, and Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. While at HCCC, he plans to work on jewelry that expresses its motivations and goals through electronically controlled movement. He will also continue to develop the more accessible side of his jewelry line. To learn more, visit https://eanescoto.com/