Jessica Dupuis

Jessica Dupuis is a ceramist who views the physical forms of sculpture as a journal, or architectural spaces that are open for the viewer to explore. She describes her work as “temporary; it exists as long as it can withstand the space it occupies. The forms in my current work are evocative, fragile and vulnerable, but equally solid and strong as if they were eggshells standing on their own without a protective support.”

Dupuis uses the combination of clay and discarded materials, such as newspaper, cardboard boxes, and apple cores, to construct objects that are light and fragile, but packed with strength and power. The forms reveal a history that evolves from experimentation, memory, and time. She is an artist who relishes in the idea that, through the art-making process, she can be an explorer, an inventor, and a poet.

Dupuis holds a MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BFA from Alfred University. She is a recipient of the ISC’s 2010 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.