John Zimmerman

John Zimmerman received his BFA in Ceramics from Bowling Green State University in Ohio and a MFA in Spatial Art from San Jose State University in California. An Assistant Professor of Fine Art at the University of New Mexico-Gallup, John is currently on a twelve-month leave of absence, preparing for a solo exhibition in Rochester, New York, and focusing solely on his creative work.

Clay is John’s chosen medium due to its tactile qualities and its versatility. His work utilizes the gamut of clay’s possible textures. A variety of processes are brought to bear in each work, including coil/slab building, solid sculpting and the use of molds. John says, “I want the work to be formidable, mysterious, raw and honest, a reflection of my thoughts, experiences and psychological state. To attain this presence, I contrast two highly disparate images within each sculpture, usually a historical image and a contemporary one. This contrast is intended to create meaning and elicit curiosity.”

During his residency at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, John plans to continue to enhance and expand upon this current body of work, while making connections with artists and galleries in the Houston area. He will be with HCCC through August of 2012. For more information, visit