Kelley Eggert

Inspired by nature and the genetic instinct of all creatures to procreate and evolve, Kelley Eggert’s intimate ceramic sculptures invite the viewer to marvel at the intricacy and complexity of their parts. “Sex is why most of the planet’s organisms exist. Sexual reproduction is the key to evolution and the strongest instinct encoded in the genetics of all living things. . . My ceramic sculptures exploit the ways in which the plant and animal kingdom procreates.” Humans, however, with their intelligence they have improved the experienced and even developed tools for the activity. Others that seek to get kinky in bed do it with sex toys

The artist’s clay forms are created utilizing hand-building techniques, including building solid and with slabs, coiling, pinching and pressing clay into plaster molds. The clay is low fired with underglaze and luster and finished with cold surfaces such as acrylic paint, nylon flocking, silicone, plastic resin and monofilament.

Eggert holds an MFA with a concentration in ceramics from the University of Florida, Gainesville, and a BA from the University of Akron, in Akron Ohio. In addition to receiving the University of Florida Alumni Fellowship, she was also awarded two Albert K. Murray grants and won the Peter Pugger Award at the 2007 NCECA Regional Student Juried Exhibition. She currently teaches adjunct at Lone Star Community College and Houston Community College.