Lauren Salazar

Lauren Salazar weaves large sculptures and installations with twine.  She invites the viewer’s associations of this humble, everyday material with domestic objects and aims to subvert these associations by exploiting and magnifying the formal gridded world that she creates.  Through weaving, she is able to connect and explore within the medium’s layered cultural heritage, while also indulging in the geometric abstract language that she loves.

After Lauren’s pieces have been woven and are off the loom, the second act occurs, in which the artist aggressively manipulates her pieces. Stray ends are tightly corded or made into rope.  The weavings themselves are bound, bolted, and stretched onto and across frames, walls, ceilings, and floors. Both process and bodily symbolism are present within her final abstract pieces.  In the end, Lauren reveals a unique gridded language that is filled with tension and full of dualities.

Originally from Concord, North Carolina, Lauren holds a MFA from UNC Chapel Hill and a BFA in painting from UNC Greensboro.  She has exhibited in the solo show, Intertwined (2013), as well as several group exhibitions, including Sincerely Yours (2013), Come Out and Play Sculpture Show (2012), and BFF: built forged faked (2012).  Lauren will be with HCCC through August of 2013.  For more information, visit