Madison Creech

Madison Creech is a multimedia artist with a dedication to digital fabrication. She received a BFA, as well as a BS, in textile, merchandising, and fashion design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, followed by an MFA in fibers from Arizona State University.

Madison’s research involves the parallels between bird migration and her own story of navigating and deciphering what is familiar and what is unfamiliar. Something happens when humans encounter an animal; this exchange cannot be translated into human knowing without distortion or loss.  In her art practice, Madison is constantly searching for tools and symbols to illustrate and challenge the fragmented and confusing relationship between animal and human.

Included in her exhibition record is a Surface Design Association juried exhibition, Explorations, as well as the juried public art show, Prints in Peculiar Places, for the 2015 Southern Graphics Council International Conference.  She held a residency at the nationally recognized Techshop in Chandler, Arizona, where she received comprehensive training on digital equipment, as well as general wood- and metal-shop equipment.

Madison will be with HCCC from June through August, 2016. To learn more about her work, please visit http:/