Nash Quinn

Nash Quinn is a metalsmith who specializes in pattern-formed enameled vessels and small-scale mechanisms. Originally from Wyoming, he received his BFA from the University of Wyoming and his MFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He works with a variety of traditional materials, including copper, enamel, and sterling silver, and his work is about joy–the simple joy he experiences in design, process, and craft. He hopes that the objects he makes can carry that joy, and transmit a bit of it to others. At HCCC, he plans to explore the boundaries of the pattern-formed-vessel format.

Quinn teaches, lectures, and exhibits his work at craft schools, jewelry academies, and universities nationwide. He was a professor of jewelry and metalsmithing at Rowan University and Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute and has taught workshops at Peters Valley School of Craft, Creative Side Jewelry Academy, and Haystack Mountain School of Craft, among many others. His work has been featured in exhibitions, including 40 Under 40: The Next Generation, at the National Ornamental Metal Museum; Imagine Peace Now, created by Boris Bally; as well as Philadelphia: Then and Now 1950-2019 and RINGS!, both organized by Helen Drutt. Learn more about Quinn’s work at