Current Artists-In-Residence

Nela Garzón


Nela Garzón’s art is driven by her admiration of cultural diversity. Her work encompasses topics
such as colonialism, racism, and migration, presenting a juxtaposition and hybridity of cultures as a critical outcome of the ethnocentrism of dominant societies.

Often learning traditional techniques, which she adopts and modifies, Garzón researches folk art and handcrafts from around the globe and explores the effects of acculturation. Her goal is to create awareness about the importance of ancestral cultures and to promote pride in minorities, as well as an embracement of immigrants, refugees, and a pluricultural world.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Garzón holds a BVA from the Javeriana University. In Colombia, she exhibited at the 41 Salón Nacional de Artistas and 4to Salón de Arte Bidimensional. Her work has been shown around the U.S. and has been recognized through awards and grants, including a first-place award at the Assistance League of Houston’s Texas Show (2019), a LIFTS grant (2020), a commission by the MFAH for a temporary sculpture that was showcased in the Cullen Sculpture Garden (2022), a Jones Artist Award from the Houston
Endowment (2023), and a local residency at PAC. Her work is part of the West Collection and the Creixell Art Collection.

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Nela’s residency was generously sponsored in part by James & Molly Crownover.

Photo by Debi Beauregard.

Robert Hodge


Robert Hodge is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in Houston, Texas. His work celebrates resilience and reclamation through commemorations of African American cultural icons and is grounded in the rich continuum of African American history and cultural expression. Hodge’s collage-based works pair urban detritus and found objects with cut-out images, lyrics, and other signifiers of the African American experience, creating a duality of meaning in which fragments of everyday life become conduits of artistic expression. His works are often cut, sewn, scorched, and painted, collapsing the space between his reclaimed materials and the traditions he invokes, and suggesting alternative pathways through the “layer cake” of African American history.

Hodge has exhibited his work in galleries and museums across the country and internationally, including the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Contemporary Art Museum of Houston, the Carnegie Museum, and the Blaffer Museum. The multi-media artist also recently released a theme-based record honoring and remixing music from the legendary Robert Johnson.

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Robert’s residency is generously sponsored in part by Scott & Judy Nyquist.

Photo by Rick Wells.

Sarah Knight


Sarah Knight (they/them) is a queer and trans ceramic artist and educator from Saint Louis, Missouri. Knight’s use of experimental ceramic techniques and materials allows them to question whether all matter is intrinsically queer, in a state of transformation. They fuse clay sculptures with melted stone and a wide range of non-clay additives to create sculptures that blend the artificial with the natural. Their extensive rock collection from the Ozarks, Wyoming, and their community allows them to connect queerness, the transmutation of matter, and the unseen values that dictate how one categorizes physical and internal worlds.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Knight received a BFA from Mills College and an MFA from Washington University in Saint Louis. They have been awarded residencies at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, Jentel Foundation, and The Craft Alliance in Saint Louis. Their work has been shown in galleries throughout the U.S. Knight’s first solo exhibition opened at Foundry Art Centre, in Saint Charles, Missouri, in 2022. During their time at HCCC, they plan to create work for a second solo exhibition at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They recently received an Artist Support Grant from the Regional Arts Commission to support the development of new work.

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Sarah’s residency is generously sponsored in part by Sara & Bill Morgan.

Photo courtesy of the Craft Alliance.


Bifei Cao, Metal (Guangzhou, China)
Summer 2024

Hai-Wen Lin, Fiber (Chicago, Illinois)
Spring 2024

Rebecca Pipkin, Fiber (Phoenix, Arizona)
Summer 2024