Current Artists-In-Residence

Ann Johnson


Born in London, England, and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Ann Johnson graduated from Prairie View A&M University in Texas, with a BS in home economics. She later earned an MA in humanities from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and an MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with a concentration in printmaking. As a professor at Prairie View A&M, she has received the distinguished Presidents Faculty of the Year award and repeatedly been recognized as “Art Teacher of the Year.”

An interdisciplinary artist, Johnson has a passion for exploring issues, particularly within the Black community, which has led to engaging works such as The Hoop Dreamin Collection, a series that explores the social issue of a hoop dream. Her installation, Converse: Real Talk, has been exhibited in Texas, Missouri, and New York. She’s been an artist resident at the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA; at Project Row Houses in, Houston, TX; and at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND. In 2013 and 2021, she exhibited in the Texas Biennial. She has been acknowledged as an “Artist to Watch” by the International Review of African American Art and was listed as one of the 10 most transformative artists of 2022 by Black Art in America.

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Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sarah Knight


Sarah Knight (they/them) is a queer and trans ceramic artist and educator from Saint Louis, Missouri. Knight’s use of experimental ceramic techniques and materials allows them to question whether all matter is intrinsically queer, in a state of transformation. They fuse clay sculptures with melted stone and a wide range of non-clay additives to create sculptures that blend the artificial with the natural. Their extensive rock collection from the Ozarks, Wyoming, and their community allows them to connect queerness, the transmutation of matter, and the unseen values that dictate how one categorizes physical and internal worlds.

Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Knight received a BFA from Mills College and an MFA from Washington University in Saint Louis. They have been awarded residencies at Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, Jentel Foundation, and The Craft Alliance in Saint Louis. Their work has been shown in galleries throughout the U.S. Knight’s first solo exhibition opened at Foundry Art Centre, in Saint Charles, Missouri, in 2022. During their time at HCCC, they plan to create work for a second solo exhibition at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They recently received an Artist Support Grant from the Regional Arts Commission to support the development of new work.

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Photo courtesy of the Craft Alliance.

Qiqing Lin


Qiqing (pronounced Chi-Ching) Lin is a textile artist based in New York. She explores feminism, immigration, language, accessibility, and politics through materials and weaving. Her experience growing up and working as a journalist in China had a profound impact on her practice. Switching her medium from text to textiles, weaving has become her new language. Through spinning paper yarn and painting with threads, she looks into the complexities of family, mother-daughter relationship, class divides, and political depression.

Lin’s work takes the form of figurative tapestries, sculptural installation, writings, and social practice. She finds that being close to the material and a laboring of the body is essential: she spins her own yarn, dyes her own colors, and weaves on a hand loom. She graduated with a BA in journalism in 2014 and an MFA in textiles at Parsons School of Design in 2023.

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Photo by Kevin Schoenmakers.

Terumi Saito


Originally from Shizuoka, Japan, Terumi Saito is a textile artist and designer based in New York. Growing up in a traditional Japanese farmer’s household informed Saito’s focus on creating mixed-media sculpture with iconic jute ropes. Her ropes are inspired by the sacred, Japanese twisted rope, shimenawa, which symbolizes a boundary that separates the realm of the gods from the world and prevents impurities from entering the shrines.

Using traditional and ancient methods of backstrap weaving, which she learned from masters in Peru and Guatemala, Saito creates sculpture that represents a form of protection. The labor-intensive process of backstrap weaving stimulates her ideas and joy, resulting in a powerful body of work. Her goal is not only to preserve these traditional techniques but also to shed light on the declining traditions from a new perspective and revive them by proposing a hybrid contemporary craft/art, a work that moves between contemporary art and traditional crafts.

Saito received a BFA in graphic design from Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan, and an MFA in textiles from Parsons School of Design in New York. Her work has been exhibited at art venues such as Mana Contemporary, Spectrum Miami (Miami Art Week), Art Expo New York, New York Textile Month, Portland Textile Month, Heimtextil Germany, and the Weavers Guild of Minnesota, and featured in publications like Harper’s Bazaar UK, Interior Design magazine, and Surface Design Journal.

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Photo by Darin Buzon.


Bifei Cao, Metal (Guangzhou, China)
Winter 2023 – Summer 2024

Robert Hodge, Fiber (Houston, Texas)
Winter 2023

Sarita Westrup, Basketry (Dallas, Texas)
Winter 2023

Nela Garzon, Fiber (Houston, Texas)
Spring – Summer 2024

Liz Hingley, Craft + Photography (London, England)
Interdisciplinary Craft + Photography Residency
(in collaboration with Houston Center for Photography)
Spring – Summer 2024

Hai-Wen Lin, Fiber (Chicago, Illinois)
Spring 2024

Rebecca Pipkin, Fiber (Phoenix, Arizona)
Summer 2024