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Masters: Sara S. Morgan

American Craft CouncilPosted September 27, 2016 in In The News

Aileen Osborn Webb Award for Philanthropy

Today, Houston is a hot spot for contemporary craft. In 1998, when Sara S. Morgan and her husband, Bill, first moved back to the city after living in Kansas City, that wasn’t necessarily the case. “I was surprised,” she recalls. “There was very little craft being shown.” Continue Reading »


SelvedgePosted September 1, 2016 in In The News

Guest blog post by Sarah Darro, Curatorial Fellow, Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Crafted objects have complex life histories. From their inception to their ultimate decay, the skilled transformation of raw materials into products that are appreciated, used and broken down plays out on a universal scale. Both artisanal food and craft objects embody generations of tradition, specialized knowledge, artistry, and attention to process and material. BEST IF USED BY, on view at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft this fall, questions why we conceive of the worlds of craft and artisanal food separately and enacts the implications of bringing temporal objects into the gallery space.  Continue Reading »