Thursday, March 7, 2024 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm
Houston Center for Contemporary Craft
4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002 (Map)

Join HCCC for the first-ever Texas Art Handling Olympics! Inspired by the infamous competition that emerged in New York City by and for the art handling community in 2010, HCCC is hosting a modified version of this riotous event, replete with art handling challenges, a distinguished panel of judges, and a closing ceremony awarding gold, silver, and bronze medals.

Registration for the competition is now full, but please join us for beer and popcorn, and cheer on your favorite art handlers!

The event will consist of four competitive events:

PORCELAIN PACKING CHALLENGE: Competitors will create boxes for ceramic objects from a pile of packing material scraps: cardboard, bubble and pearl wrap, foam, packing paper, etc. These boxes will then be launched from HCCC’s roof and scored based on packing aesthetics and breakage upon landing.

GALLON CHALLENGE: Competitors will be asked to lift a bucket of paint and guess how many gallons are inside and the square footage it could cover with two coats of paint. Scoring based on accuracy and closeness of the estimates.

CENTER ON 60”: Competitors will receive a 2-D work and must hang it as close to centered on 60 inches as possible WITHOUT a level or measuring tape. Scoring based on accuracy.

SPEED WEEDING: Competitors will receive a section of vinyl lettering, transfer tape, an X-acto, and a squeegee. They will weed the vinyl and place it on the wall. Scoring based on speed, accuracy, and letter loss.

At the end of the event, there will be a closing ceremony awarding three art handlers within the galleries of THIS SIDE UP. Spectators and cheering sections are encouraged! Beer generously provided by Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

This event is made possible by generous support from Scott and Judy Nyquist.

Image credits:

  1. Clynton Lowry, “Art Handler Magazine, Cover of Issue 2,” 2016. Courtesy of Clynton Lowry.
  2. Willem De Haan, “Curtain (Yellow),” 2022. Photo by Willem De Haan.