Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 11:30 am
River Oaks Country Club
1600 River Oaks Blvd Houston, TX 77019 (Map)

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and Chairs, Sara Morgan, Carrin Patman and Paula Arnold, are pleased to host the fourth annual Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon.  This year, we honor two tremendously generous Houstonians—Franci and Jim Crane—for their many contributions to the cultural life of our city. We also recognize Clint Willour as a Texas Master for his life-long impact on the arts in Texas. All proceeds for the luncheon benefit HCCC.

The Luncheon also features a unique silent auction. The Art of Travel, chaired by The Vintage Contessa, features travel-inspired jewelry, sculpture and objects created from vintage, repurposed Louis Vuitton bags and luggage.  Click here to see the online preview of the items, which are available now for purchase.

Deadline to purchase tickets is 12:00 PM on Friday, May 3rd.
To purchase a table or individual tickets, please click here to download the reservation form or contact Marina Lewis at 713-529-4848 x 0.

Franci & Jim Crane

Clint Willour

Sara Morgan, Carrin Patman & Paula Arnold

The Vintage Contessa

Reception & Silent Auction 11:30 a.m.
Click here to preview the silent auction

Luncheon & Program 12:00 p.m.

(As of 4/30/2013)

Franci & Jim Crane
Kathrine G. McGovern/McGovern Foundation
Sara & Bill Morgan
Catherine A. Morgan

Louisa S. Sarofim

Light Charitable Foundation/Phyllis Childress/Anne Lamkin Kinder
Silver Eagle Distributors/Houston First Corporation
Melanie Gray & Mark Wawro

Carrin Patman & Jim Derrick
Gracie Cavnar/Clayton Erikson
Nijad & Zeina Fares
Frank J. Hevrdejs
Ginni & Richard Mithoff
Kathryn Rabinow/Sarah Rabinow Pesikoff
Petrello Family Foundation
Michael & Mary Kay Poulos

Bracewell & Giuliani
Leslie & Brad Bucher
Donae Chramosta
Carolyn Covault
Haley & Glen Eichelberger
Karen & Gene Oshman
Andrea & Bill White

Joan & Stanford Alexander
Paula Arnold
Jereann Chaney
Susie & Sanford Criner
Anna & Hal Holliday
Melissa & Steven Kean
Marie Louise Kinder
Harriet Latimer
Frances Marzio
Minute Maid
Barbara Marcus/Barbara Paull
Dr. Richard & Bette Pesikoff
Lillie Robertson
Regina Rogers
Victoria Lightman/Ellen Sloane
Lois & George Stark
Kerry Inman/Joan Morgenstern/Anne Tucker
Polly & Jeff Whittle

Generous Friends
Scott Atlas
Mrs. Clare A. Glassell
Joseph Listengart
Kay & Albert Tabor
H. Irving Schweppe, Jr., M.D.
Jackie & Paul Clote
Sara P. Dodd
Barbara & Michael Gamson
Elizabeth & Albert Kidd
Beverly & Jim Postl
Mary Shinn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wessel
CeCe & Mack Fowler
Sis & Hasty Johnson
Beth Sanders Moore and Jess Moore
Imogen Papadopoulos
Beverly & Howard Robinson
Sue & Bob Schwartz
Louis H. Skidmore, Jr.
Tracy Stein
Ellen & Steve Susman
Cyvia Wolff

Judy Ley Allen
Lynn Baird
Sandra Bernhard
Minnette Boesel
Dr. & Mrs. M. P. Boyce
Cathy & Gary Brock
Leslie & Brad Bucher
Libby Cagle
Gracie & Bob Cavnar
Phyllis Childress
Donae & Rob Chramosta
Council Member Ellen Cohen
Susie & Sanford Criner
Haley & Glen Eichelberger
Clayton Erikson
Jon Evans
Nijad & Zeina Fares
Elizabeth Akamatsu & Piero Fenci
Jan Woodward Fox
Galveston Arts Center
Gwendolyn H. Goffe
Hon. Bonnie Crane Hellums
Shirin L. Herman
Michelle & Frank Hevrdejs
Anna Holliday
Geri Hooks
Bruce Padilla & Shelby Kibodeaux
Anne Lamkin Kinder
Marie Louise Kinder
Harriet & Truett Latimer
Susan L. Lawhon
Dinah Chetrit & Rich Levy
Carolyn C. Light
Victoria & Marshal Lightman
Marian Luntz
Barbara & Al Marcus
Frances Marzio
Eric & Isabelle Mayer
Edward Lane McCartney
Roni McMurtrey – McMurtrey Gallery
Anne C. Mendelsohn
Sherry Merfish
Ginni & Richard Mithoff
Betty Moody
Beth Sanders Moore & Jess Moore
Sara & Bill Morgan
Bobbie Nau
Kim Padgett
Mayor Annise D. Parker
Carolyn Dahl & Thomas Perry
Dr. Richard & Bette Pesikoff
Sarah & David Pesikoff
Cynthia & Anthony Petrello
Amy Purvis
Kathryn Rabinow
Macey & Harry Reasoner
Regina Rogers
Leslie & Shannon Sasser
Lois & George Stark
Cindi Strauss
Patrick Summers
Elizabeth & Jose Louis Vittor
Melanie Gray & Mark Wawro
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wessel
Andrea & Bill White
Polly & Jeff Whittle
Anny Whyte
Cyvia Wolff