Hot Glass, Cool Collections / Environments = Form + Space

December 13, 2008 — March 15, 2009

Hot Glass, Cool Collections offers a glimpse inside 12 of Houston’s best private glass collections. The exquisite works on view represent the many styles and techniques of the Studio Glass Movement—including hand-blown, kiln-worked, torch-worked and cold-worked glass. The show includes over 60 pieces by such masters as Dale Chihuly, Harvey Littleton, Dante Marioni, Richard Marquis, William Morris, Michael Schunke, Preston Singletary, Paul Stankard, Lino Tagliapietra, Toots Zynsky and many more.

Environments = Form + Space features imaginative installations by three emerging glass artists, Matthew Eskuche, Amy Rueffert, and Pablo Soto, who present new and expansive ways to define the discipline of glass. Emphasizing the importance of form over function and the relationship between objects and the spaces they occupy, the show explored the unique environments created by nontraditional glass forms, while pushing the boundary between contemporary art and craft.