Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets from the Sara & David Lieberman Collection

June 30, 2007 — September 23, 2007

Intertwined, with its emphasis on highly textural, colorful and bold sculptural forms, gives viewers the opportunity to challenge their perceptions about the art of contemporary basket-making. More than 70 works by regional, national and international artists show the breadth of the art form, with traditional and functional works exhibited along with mixed-media sculptures. The artists have manipulated a range of materials such as grasses, fish skins, porcupine quills, grocery bags and postcards to create intriguing objects that push the boundaries of basket-making.

Sara and David Lieberman have assembled one of the best collections of contemporary baskets in the country. The more than 150 baskets in their collection were first collected for their function, appeal and roots in ancient traditions, but their selections soon included new works of great vitality that were more about expression and communication rather than function. The exhibition features the work of more than 40 artists, including early innovators, traditional artists and experimenters in the art of basket-making.

Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets from the Sara and David Lieberman Collection was organized by the Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, Arizona, and curated by Senior Curator Heather Sealy Lineberry and Jane Sauer, fiber artist and scholar.