Iron: Forged, Tempered, Quenched

January 16, 2010 — May 16, 2010

Iron: Forged, Tempered, Quenched celebrates the rich history of American blacksmithing by bridging historical and contemporary works to illustrate the wide variety of techniques and processes currently practiced in the U.S. The exhibition, which opens January 16 and runs through May 16, is one of the most significant exhibitions of blacksmithed objects in decades.

Iron features more than 40 pieces by 38 artists from across the U.S., including Elizabeth Brim, Frederic Crist, Carl Jennings, John Medwedeff, Noellyn Pepos, Lee Tribe and James Wallace. Local and regional artists in the show include Dave Koenig, founder of the Houston Area Blacksmiths’ Association (HABA), and members of the Austin Metal Authority.