Nourish: ClayHouston Membership Exhibition

February 6, 2015 — April 26, 2015
In the Artist Hall

Opening Reception:
Friday, February 6, 5:30 – 8:00 PM
The evening will also feature the opening of Dining and Discourse in the Main Gallery and one day, late in the afternoon. . . in the Front Gallery. Current resident artists’ studios will be open to the public.

Talks by Kelly O’Briant and Dan Hammett
Saturday, February 7, 1:00 – 3:00 PM
Freed Auditorium, Glassell School of Art

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft (HCCC) presents Nourish: ClayHouston Membership Exhibition, a juried group exhibition and exploration of the concept of nourishment through the medium of clay.

The word nourish implies an act of caring, promoting or fostering life, growth, health, ideas and much more. Nourishment can represent a variety of concepts and ideas—anything that acts as food for the soul. But at its core, an act of nourishment depends on a connection between one being and another. This connection and symbiotic relationship can be played out in many different ways, yielding a diverse range of outcomes.

The 13 artists featured in the exhibition express what the concept of nourishment means to them through a variety of processes and forms. They employ hand building, wheel-thrown techniques and slip casting to construct both functional and sculptural objects.  Surface treatments range from raku to wood firing, terra sigilatta, mason stains and vitreous glazes. Whether utilizing an installation-based format or creating a decorative vessel, each artist uniquely expresses his or her personal interpretation of the concept through the endless possibilities of clay.

Nourish: ClayHouston Membership Exhibition was juried by Dan Hammett, Chair and Professor of Ceramic Art at the University of Dallas.

Featured Artists
Mary Aldrich
Andy Bally
Virginia Bally
Caroline Carey
Elizabeth DeLyria
Marcia Erickson
Judith Freeman
Joyce Joe
Lisa Kelley
Michelle Matthews
Tom Perry
Anne Steacy
Jo Zider

Founded in 2004, ClayHouston is a dynamic organization of ceramic artists:  potters, sculptors, educators, students and people who simply love working with clay. ClayHouston members work to cultivate interest in the ceramic arts in the Houston metropolitan area and the southeast region of Texas. The organization plays an active role in the Houston community by creating exhibits, symposia, festivals, sales and educational experiences that showcase ceramic arts and ceramic artists.  For more information, visit

Dan Hammett has been at the University of Dallas, Irving, since 1974, where he is currently a full professor and chair of the Ceramic Art Department. He has produced architectural ceramic-shell lighting, large-scale monolithic ceramic sculpture, as well as functional ceramics; participated in national and international exhibits and workshops; conducted field studies to museums in the U.S., Italy, Greece, Crete and China; received grants, awards and commissions; and developed and served as consultant/project manager for the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts’ award-winning PBS-style film series.  Hammett received a BA in education from Northeastern State University of Oklahoma, a BFA from The University of Kansas, and an MFA in ceramic art from The State University of New York College of Ceramics at Alfred.

Above Images: (1) Mary Aldrich, “untitled 3”, 2013. Stoneware, coil construction, pit fired. Photo by Mary Aldrich. (2) Virginia Bally, “Coming Winter”, 2014. Stoneware, underglazes. Photo by Andre Bally. (3) Andre Bally, “Raven Catching the Moon”, 2014. Porcelain and black glaze. Photo by Andre Bally. (4) Caroline Carey, “From Earth To Sky,” 2014. Clay, metallic thread, glass, shell, beads. Photo by Ken Beeney. (5) Elizabeth DeLyria, “Snow Drift,” 2014. Porcelain, stoneware, terra sigilatta, mason stains. Photo by Elizabeth DeLyria. (6) Marcia Erikson, “MLOUDS”, 2012. Stoneware, slip, salt fumed. Photo by Marcia Erikson. (7) Marcia Erikson, “MLOUDS” (detail), 2012. Stoneware, slip, salt fumed. Photo by Marcia Erikson. (8) Judith Freedman, “A Walk in the Grass”, 2014. Handbuilt clay figure: pulled clay “grass”. Photo by Clifford Ando. (9) Judith Freedman, “A Walk in the Grass” (detail), 2014. Handbuilt clay figure: pulled clay “grass”. Photo by Clifford Ando. (10) Joyce Joe, “Sound of Falling Spring”, 2014. Porcelain, crepe myrtle branches, glass beads, fishing wire. Photo by Iman Saqr. (11) Joyce Joe, “Sound of Falling Spring” (detail), 2014. Porcelain, crepe myrtle branches, glass beads, fishing wire. Photo by Iman Saqr. (12) Lisa Kelley, “Growth”, 2013. Raku, digital print, acrylic, steel wire. Photo by Lisa Kelley. (13) Michelle Mathews, “Aerie”, 2014. Woodfired stoneware. Photo by Michelle Mathews. (14) Tom Perry, “Guardian Urn: Harvest”, 2012. Stoneware, copper patina glaze. Photo by Rick Wells. (15) Anne Steacy, “Body, Mind & Soul”, 2014. Raku clay, metal. Photo by Anne Steacy. (16) Jo Zider, “Focus Strength”, 2014. Stoneware, Raku, copper oxide. Photo by Jo Zider.