Pillars of Resemblance

November 9, 2011 — December 9, 2011
In the Craft Garden

Pillars of Resemblance is a garden installation created by 21 students in Lotus Bermudez’s intermediate ceramics class at the University of Houston. The installation is the result of a mold-making project designed to spur investigation into the possibilities of multiples and reproduction in ceramic manufacture. Each student was asked to choose an object, create a mold of that object and then cast a series of replicas to be stacked, one atop another, on stakes placed throughout the garden. Individually, each stake demonstrates an inquiry into the formal possibilities of a single, repeated object. Together, the stakes themselves become the repeated element, alternately calling to mind sign posts, mile markers and the patterned growth of plants.

Pillars of Resemblance in the Craft Garden. Photo by Lotus Bermudez.