Texas Masters Series: Cindy Hickok

March 31, 2007 — June 17, 2007

In the Texas Masters Series exhibition, Cindy Hickok ingeniously borrows from the “Old Masters” to guide viewers through an amusing and delightful tour of art history. The focus of the show is the Culinary Art Series, which Hickok describes as “an imaginary museum visit at lunchtime, when works of art inspire thoughts of food.” Hickok works entirely at a freehand sewing machine, stitching detailed works that draw the viewer in for closer examination. She renders incredibly precise images using her needle as a paintbrush and thread as paint. Each figure in her pieces takes between two and four hours to complete. Hickok’s career began in mosaic, where she learned to place two colors next to each other to allow the viewer’s eye to blend them. In fiber art, she continues this practice by using many colors of thread, adjusting the lightness or darkness by using contrasting bobbin colors.