Wendy Wagner Whimsies

April 24, 2009 — June 21, 2009

Wendy Wagner is a Houston artist who has recently garnered several awards (including the prestigious 2008 Hunting Prize of Art) for her whimsical and surreal works in a variety of media—including paintings, ceramic sculpture, soft toys and animation. Known for her out-of-this-world pastel color palette and quirky characters, Wendy says, “As with all of my work, there is a lighthearted curiosity and silliness. I am rewarded, however, and amazed by how my subconscious mind continually communicates through the process of creating art.”

Whimsies showcases Wendy’s latest ceramic pieces, as well as paintings, drawings and soft toys. To learn more about Wendy Wagner, visit www.wendywagner.com.