Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon
2015 Silent Auction Preview

This year, HCCC is proud to present Arts & Asher, a silent auction of jewelry, sculpture and objects created by the professional artists who show and work with the Asher Gallery at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.

Asher Gallery is not just a retail space, it’s one of the few places in the city where collectors can acquire high-quality craft for their collections. By connecting the public with working artists, Asher Gallery supports HCCC’s mission to advance education about the process, product and history of craft.

The 11 artists listed below have shared a mutually beneficial relationship with Asher Gallery and HCCC for years, and several are former resident artists. Preview their sophisticated and beautiful works here, and, if you wish to place a bid or purchase a piece at the Buy It Now price, contact Asher Gallery Manager, Suzanne Sippel, at or 713-529-4848 x 202.

See the items in person at the Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon, on Wednesday, April 29th!

Tana Acton, 4-D Pendant with Black Pearls
Silver, black pearls, 29”
Value: $600
Opening Bid: $300
Buy It Now: $700

Acton_1 copy-masked-556px

The work of popular jeweler and former ice-hockey coach Tana Acton has been a fixture in Asher Gallery since 2003. Her stunning jewelry, woven from a single piece of wire playing with light and motion, complements all personalities.

For the silent auction, Tana used sterling-silver wire to encase two black pearls in this stunning pendant. The long snake chain could also be doubled to fit a slender neck. Sophisticated but subtle, this necklace is nearly as fabulous as Tana herself.

Gabriele Beyer, The Bedroom
Painting on silk, 16” x 20”
Value: $700
Opening Bid: $350
Buy It Now: $800

Beyer_2 copy-masked-556px

Fiber artist and occasional fishing-boat chef Gabriele Beyer joined the Asher Gallery in the spring of 2013 and quickly found a loyal and adoring audience. Her scarves are known for their vibrancy and patterns, and it’s how she develops them that sets her apart. Many artists draw inspiration from their travels; Gabriele specifically plans travel and adventure to inspire new works.

This silk painting perfectly shows her working process. Once at home from her trips, Gabriele creates beautiful fiber paintings, which inform her wearable pieces. This is a stunning piece for any home and serves as inspiration for the viewer to absorb her own adventures into daily life.

Nathan Dube, Safety Pin: Crush
Silver, enamel, 1 ½” Round
Value: $325
Opening Bid: $160
Buy It Now: $400

Nathan Dube, Safety Pin: Drowning
Silver, enamel, 1 ½” Round
Value: $325
Opening Bid: $160
Buy It Now: $400

Dube_1 copy-masked-556px

Maker of the famous “Spit-Wad Shooters,” former resident artist Nathan Dube joined HCCC in September of 2011 and has been involved ever since. He participated in the first Spring Luncheon silent auction in 2012 and is the only artist who’s ever been invited to participate twice! Currently, Nathan is teaching in Houston, serving on HCCC’s Residency Program Review Panel and continuing to make work for Asher Gallery.

Nathan’s “Safety Pins” demonstrate how his work has evolved, while still demonstrating the wry humor of his earlier sculptures. (If Crush puzzles you, let us help. It warns of the dangers of falling vending machines. Mom always said soda was bad for you!)

Chanda Glendinning, Modern Object 1.1
Slip-cast porcelain and terra sigillata, 14” x 10” x 9 ½”
Value: $800
Opening Bid: $400
Buy It Now: $900

Glendinning_1 copy-masked-556px

Ceramic sculptor Chanda Glendinning was a resident artist from September 2012 – August 2013 and had work featured in HCCC’s booth at the 2013 Houston Fine Arts Fair. During her time at HCCC, Chanda was an active force in the local ceramics community, through both teaching and mentorship. Known for her warm smile and infectious laugh, Chanda remains a true ambassador for HCCC.

For the silent auction, Chanda used slip-cast techniques to form a softly gleaming, organic sculpture that stands on its own–a departure from the wall-mounted installations that make her national reputation. The piece is a lovely addition to any home or collection.

Jason Kishell, Ant Jar
Porcelain, 8” x 6”
Value: $900
Opening Bid: $450
Buy It Now: $1,000

Kishell_1 copy-masked-556px

Jason Kishell has worn many hats at HCCC, from his early days as a resident artist in 2006 to his position as Education Director. Since 2010, he has been a professor of art at Houston Community College, Southwest. Jason is known nationally for his “Smug Mugs” and anthropomorphic sculptures and has always been a favorite Asher Gallery artist. (Jason will be featured in a trunk show at Asher Gallery this May, so you’ll have the opportunity to see more of his work and speak with him about his process and inspiration.)

This beautiful jar demonstrates several of the techniques Jason has refined over the years, from his skill in throwing on the wheel to the subtleties of glazing. It also explores one of Jason’s favorite subjects—insects!

Christy Klug, Brooch
Silver, enamel, 14k gold, 2 ¾” round
Value: $1,200
Opening Bid: $600
Buy It Now: $1,300

Klug_1 copy-masked-556px

Currently in Chicago, formerly of Austin, Christy Klug is a nationally known metalsmith who has been featured in Asher Gallery since the early days of 2004. A gifted artist, Christy creates striking pieces of jewelry, confident and bold in design, but often strikingly delicate in the details. Asher Gallery hosted a trunk show for Christy last summer, and everyone enjoyed learning firsthand about her techniques.

Christy created this gorgeous brooch for the silent auction, and it is a perfect example of her aesthetic mix of boldness and subtlety. The large set-off brooch is complemented by the careful shading in the enamel, enhanced by golden clips.

Jaydan Moore, Stock
Silver-plated teapots, 24” x 10”
Value: $1,200
Opening Bid: $600

Moore_1 copy-masked-556px

As one of the artists featured on Channel 8 TV’s Arts InSight, former resident artist Jaydan Moore is a well known figure in the Houston and national art scenes. In fact, he was recently selected as the American Craft Council 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year. Jaydan was a featured artist in HCCC’s booth at the 2013 Houston Fine Arts Fair and is included in the current exhibition, Dining and Discourse: A Discussion in Three Courses.

Stock is a wonderful example of Jaydan’s work, in which he transforms older, mass-produced pieces into new forms and uses. The discarded silver-plate ware he uses has lost its original meaning and value, but, by reconstructing it, he gives it a new life–with a nod to the past.

Connie Roberts, Les Chaussures
Painted pine, 15” x 8” x 11 ½” (closed)
Value: $1,400
Opening Bid: $700

Roberts_1 copy-masked-556px

Roberts_2 copy-masked-556px

Connie Roberts is by far the most popular, most adored, and most collected artist Asher Gallery represents. Her whistles have just the right mix of whimsy and wit, with a touch of adult humor. Since she embraces a wide price range, she’s the ideal artist for anyone to begin collecting. Subjects for her larger one-off sculptures include everything from condoms to candy bars. If it can be carved, it can be whistled, and Connie does her best to see how far she can go! She’s as wonderful and fun as the work she creates.

This piece really needs to be seen to be believed. . . Inside, there is a treasure trove of 26 pairs of shoes, from boots and sneakers to platform heels. Each and every one is a whistle–how can anyone resist?

Caitie Sellers, Brooch/Pendant, Highway Series
Silver, copper mesh, 3” round, 18” neckwire
Value: $560
Opening Bid: $280
Buy It Now: $650

Sellers1 copy-556px

Of this group of artists, Caitie Sellers is the most recent addition to the Asher Gallery. She came to HCCC as a resident artist in December of 2013 and quickly developed a loyal following for her urban-landscape-inspired jewelry and sculpture. (Caitie will be featured in a trunk show in Asher Gallery this May, so don’t miss the chance to add to your collection!)

Nearly symmetrical, this brooch/pendant neatly shows the beauty inherent in highway systems. It may be hard to believe at 5:00 PM on the North Freeway, but there is an elegance of line present even in the most frustrating of roadways!

Amber Tiemann, Necklace
Enamel, deer antler, mother of pearl, pearl, onxy, coral, turquoise, jade, lapis, glass with gold leaf and topaz, 19”
Value: $600
Opening Bid: $300
Buy It Now: $700

Tiemann_2 copy-masked-556px

Houston-based jeweler Amber Tiemann is known for her elegant mix of diverse materials, nearly all set into sterling silver. She has been with Asher Gallery since 2006, and her aesthetic has evolved subtly over time. Amber has also been involved with HCCC through volunteering, always happy to lend a hand when asked. (In fact, you may see her at this year’s Spring Luncheon as a model!)

Amber’s latest necklace is a gorgeous example of how she integrates varying elements into one design. This work is lightweight, cool, and the perfect accessory for hot and humid Houston nights.

Rebecca Zemans, MW1
Sterling silver with rose-cut labradorite and white topaz on 16” steel wire choker, 2 ¾”
Value: $600
Opening Bid: $300
Buy It Now: $700

Zemans_1 copy-masked-556px

Metalsmith Rebecca Zemans has been with Asher Gallery since the spring of 2013, and she continues to impress, with her graceful handling of precious metals and stones. Her pieces are marked by a fine sense of line and an airy feel, which is present, even in her larger work. Rebecca was featured in HCCC’s booth at the 2013 Houston Fine Arts Fair, and her work has continued to thrive in the Asher Gallery since then.

This piece is a lovely example of Rebecca’s aesthetic. The pendant is substantial but visually light, and the stones add just enough weight to anchor the piece. The multi-strand steel choker further complements the pendant and makes it a perfect statement piece that’s comfortable enough for anyone to wear.

All photos by HCCC.

4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is located in the Houston Museum District, two blocks south of Highway 59, near Rosedale St. Visitors should park in the free parking lot located directly behind the building, off Rosedale and Travis Streets, and enter through the back entrance. 

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4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is located in the Houston Museum District, two blocks south of Highway 59, near Rosedale St. Visitors should park in the free parking lot located directly behind the building, off Rosedale and Travis Streets, and enter through the back entrance. 

Free Admission


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