At this year’s Spring Luncheon, HCCC presents a silent auction of exquisite sculpture, jewelry, and objects selected from the top craft artists in the country.

Preview the items below, and, if you wish to place a bid or purchase a piece at the Buy It Now price, please contact Suzanne Sippel at or 713-529-4848 x 106.

See all the items in person at the Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon on Thursday, April 26th!


Mariquita Masterson, Sculpted Moss-Green Glass Set in Vermeil
(Pendant, Earrings, and Ring)
Carved glass, gold vermeil, gold foil Venetian beads
Necklace chain, 28 inches; size 6 ring; earrings, 1 inch long
Value: $1,225
Opening Bid: $600
Buy It Now: $1,350

Mariquita Masterson, Studs and Links
Prismatic glass, gold vermeil
Approximately .75 inches for large studs
Value: $560
Opening Bid: $280
Buy It Now: $700

The idea for Mariquita’s unique and timeless jewelry came to her while working with a glass blower to design a table setting for a museum gala here in Houston. When she saw the chunks of crystal ready to be fired in the furnace, she realized this material, set in silver and vermeil, would make absolutely beautiful jewelry!


Vivian Chiu, Torso
11 x 8 x 5 inches
Value: $3,600
Opening Bid: $1,800
Buy it Now: $4,000

Former resident artist Vivian Chiu creates sculptures that attempt to formalize coincidental happenings in repetitive processes.  She uses labor-intensive methods to not only create visually dynamic work but pay homage to her family’s history in factory work.

Ean Escoto, Brooch
3 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches
Value: $300
Opening Bid: $150
Buy It Now: $350

One of the Center’s newest residents, Ean Escoto works in a wide variety of jewelry techniques. Believing that his work should accrue sentimental value over the years, he designs jewelry to be interactive and to provide the wearer with a small story or mystery to share.

Daniel Garver, Wedges #2
Ink on Paper
12 x 11 inches
Value: $500
Opening Bid: $250
Buy It Now: $600

Daniel Garver’s bold, pattern-heavy work in weaving and drawing explores topics of mathematical sequences, visual perception, and structural systems. During his current residency at HCCC, Daniel is exploring the process of ikat, in which individual threads are bound, dyed, and woven to create intricate nuanced patterns.

Cindy Hickok, Footloose
Rayon thread, cotton, and vintage-style handle
10 x 10.5 x 2.5 inches (handle included in height)
Value: $1,200
Opening Bid: $600
Buy It Now: $1,300

Most of Texas Master Cindy Hickok’s works are twists on much-loved paintings.  With a free-hand sewing machine, she “paints” her pieces using thread as her medium and needle as paintbrush. With her foot on the pedal and tongue firmly in cheek, she creates work that expresses life as she sees it.

Molly Koehn, Structure 09
Stainless steel, silk, wood, nylon
29 x 5 x 8 inches
Value: $600
Opening Bid: $300
Buy It Now: $700

Melding a practice of drawing, weaving, and sculptural installation, recent resident artist Molly Koehn’s work examines idealizations of nature. She responds to city landscaping and structure through material and construction, exploring why contemporary society chooses to eradicate the natural in favor of the artificial.

Anna Mavromatis, Baroque Tales
Altered books, 16 x 12 x 12 inches
Value: $2,000
Opening Bid: $1,000
Buy It Now: $2,200

Artist and HCCC Board Member Anna Mavromatis creates stunning art objects using paper, textiles, vintage repurposed surfaces, and reclaimed books.  Anna incorporates a variety of printmaking techniques, historic and contemporary photographic processes, and traditional surface-decoration methods to achieve her unique aesthetic.

Hannah Oatman, Dental Hygiene
Copper (container), fine silver, horse hair
3 x 8 inches; horse-hair tail, 15 inches
Value: $1,600
Opening Bid: $800
Buy It Now: $1,800


Hannah Oatman, Colorscape Brooch #8
Copper, sterling silver, vitreous enamel
3 x 3 x .25 inches
Value: $525
Opening Bid: $275
Buy It Now: $600

Resident artist Hannah Oatman’s current work explores the power of color and form using enameled copper, steel, and silver. Her vivid enameled components, combined with stark black armatures, encourage an exploration of the surface and of each piece as a whole.

Angel Oloshove, Finding New Ways to See Yourself
9 x 7 x 1.25 inches
Value: $700
Opening Bid: $350
Buy It Now: $800

Balancing a fine-art practice of sculptural ceramics with her functional design pottery, recent resident artist Angel Oloshove has built a devoted following. Her work often experiments with painterly glazes to express feelings of transcendental experiences through form and color.

Liz Robb, Mojave Sunset
Cotton, indigo, sand, spray paint on wood panel
18 x 24 x 2 inches
Value: $2,000
Opening Bid: $1,000
Buy It Now: $2,200

Influenced by the natural environment of the desert, 2017 resident artist Liz Robb’s art practice focuses on soft sculpture, working with natural materials such as wool, cotton, jute, and indigo. Her work layers ideas, imagery, sound, and traditional textile techniques, such as weaving, wrapping, and dyeing.

Demitra Thomloudis, 4816 Chenevert Street (2 of 5)
Brooch with reclaimed-wood molding, sterling silver, paint, pencil, steel
2.5 x 2 x .5 inches
Value: $450
Opening Bid: $225
Buy it Now: $500

2013 resident artist Demitra Thomloudis connects visual and physical elements that exist within the periphery of life. Choosing to work with debris from structures destroyed by neighborhood gentrification, Demi often incorporates an architectural framework that organizes and constructs the elements in her jewelry pieces.