CRAFTING A LEGACY Spring Luncheon 2019 Silent Auction Preview

At this year’s Spring Luncheon, HCCC presents a silent auction of exquisite sculpture, jewelry, and objects selected from artists that our honoree Clint Willour has worked with—as a curator, mentor, or friend—over the past 50 years. 

Preview the items below, and, if you wish to place a bid or purchase a piece at the Buy It Now price, please contact Suzanne Sippel at or 713-529-4848 x 106.

See all the items in person at the Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon on Wednesday, April 24th! 

Harlan Butt, Untitled, Bear Brooch
Silver, enamel
2 x 1 ½ inches

The inaugural artist in HCCC’s Texas Masters series, Harlan Butt has exhibited his enamelwork both nationally and internationally for over 25 years. The artist is known for his enameled vessels, which are often seen in the Center’s CraftTexas exhibitions, but he produces comparatively little jewelry. This is the perfect opportunity to add one of his pieces to your collection.

Elaine Bradford, Not Again
Found objects, yarn
9 x 7 x 2 ¼ inches
Value: $725
Minimum Bid: $360
Buy it Now: $800

Former resident artist Elaine Bradford is well known for her mixed-media sculptures and large installations, such as the ones located at the Heights HEB and Vinson Neighborhood Library. She uses the familiarity of crochet to draw viewers closer and prompt them to apply their curiosity to the entirety of the work.

Susan Budge, Gold Guardian
Ceramic, metallic glaze
33 ½ x 14 x 5 inches
Value: $4,000
Minimum Bid: $2,000
Buy it Now: $4,500

Longtime ceramist and former HCCC resident artist Susan Budge finds inspiration in mythology, illusions, and psychology. In the 38 years that she has worked in clay, she has had 30 solo exhibitions and has been included in hundreds of invitational and juried exhibitions throughout the United States.

Keith Carter, Keith Carter: Fifty Years (#5 of 30)
Slipcase book, includes pigment print Bird in Cage (2017)
11 x 13 ½ x 1 ¾ inches

Keith Carter’s evocative photographs are best described in his own words: “I’m fond of implied narratives, oblique angles, and leaving a little room for the viewer to finish a picture.” This landmark limited edition of Keith Carter: Fifty Years includes Bird in Cage, adding to the winner’s collection, as well as their library.

Bill Dennard (d. 2003), Crate
Ceramic, slight conditioning issues
8 x 7 x 9 ½ inches
Opening Bid: $500

This piece reflects Bill Dennerd’s architectural background and his passion for interpreting the mundane objects around him. Head of the Glassell School of Art ceramics department for nearly 30 years, he was a mentor and teacher to many of the top ceramists in the city today. Donated by Betty Moody, Crate dates from the 1980s, and we expect bidding to be fierce!

Piero Fenci, Barge
Low-fire ceramic
21 x 7 x 7 inches
Value: $2,400
Minimum Bid: $1,200
Buy it Now: $2,600

Former Texas Master Piero Fenci’s work has roots in the underlying craft tradition of functionality, while exploring the sculptural and conceptual realm of contemporary ceramics. The photograph cannot do this piece justice, as the lush glazing and beautiful form attract the viewer in ways that must be seen to be understood.

Eve France, Untitled, Necklace
Sterling silver, brass, beads
22 ½ x ¾ inches
Value: $375
Minimum Bid: $200
Buy it Now: $425

Eve France worked with noted artist Joyce Scott to identify leaders in the South African art world to collaborate on her Artistry Across Borders project and to push her signature chain-mail style in new directions. She chose to work with Hlengiwe Dube, who created the beaded designs, and Dominic, who did the metal work, creating a beautiful blend of texture and color.

Tom Irven, Boo Bing Ga
Bubinga, Cherry, Blackwood, Tulipwood, Maple, Corian
5 x 3 x 3 inches
Value: $230
Minimum Bid: $115
Buy it Now: $280

Thomas Irven finds creative balance and satisfaction through the manipulation of forms he produces on the lathe. His designs often grow out of a respect for the rare and aesthetic qualities of the woods he uses. Irven marries his forms to the inherent qualities in the wood, often modifying them with a wide range of techniques, to fully realize his vision.

Hiromi Iyoda, Moving Away
Ceramic, Balsa, paper
15 x 18 x 7 inches
Value: $1,000
Mínimum Bid: $500
Buy it now: $1,100

Former resident artist Hiromi Iyoda makes figurative and narrative clay sculptures, basing her work mostly on her life experiences. This body of work references her current life as a nomadic artist who travels from one residency to the next. Instead of having a permanent home, she travels with her shell wherever she goes, just like the snail.  

Jerry Jeanmard, Untitled
Collage on paper
24 x 19 inches
Value: $1,500
Minimum Bid: $750
Buy it Now: $1,600

Jerry Jeanmard has been obsessed with all forms of paper for nearly 50 years, and his love of the material’s textures, colors, and weights is clear in his collage works. Over his long career, he has worked in both interior and graphic design, where he developed his signature approach to collage.

Pat Johnson, Views of My House
Underglaze on terra cotta
7 3/8 x 7 ½ inches
Value: $150
Minimum Bid: $75
Buy it Now: $175

Pat Johnson is known for her sometimes disturbing yet humorous figures that take cues from a grab bag of influences, ranging from antiquity to popular culture. Her current work has been a dialog of personal disasters, with the artist serving as protagonist, and incorporates surface techniques that reflect an influence from printmaking.

Mariquita Masterson, Black Glass Cufflinks
Glass, sterling silver
5/8 x ½ inch
Value: $300
Opening Bid: $150
Buy It Now: $350

The idea for Mariquita Materson’s unique and timeless jewelry came to her while working with a glass blower to design a table setting for a museum gala here in Houston. When she saw the chunks of crystal ready to be fired in the furnace, she realized this material, set in silver and vermeil, would make absolutely beautiful jewelry!

Edward Lane McCartney, Southern Living
Sterling silver
1 ¼ x 5/8 inches

A former resident artist and board president of HCCC, Edward Lane McCartney is a prolific mixed-media and jewelry artist. For the past 17 years, he has honed his craft as an art jeweler, and much of his work involves pushing the boundaries of body adornment and traditional ornament. 

Jaydan Moore, Specimen #24
Silver-plated found objects
21 x 18 ¼ inches
Value: $2,000
Current Bid: $1,500
Buy it Now: $2,200

Shortly after completing his residency at HCCC in 2014, Jaydan Moore was selected as the American Craft Council’s 2015 Emerging Artist of the Year. His work, which is created from the deconstruction and reassembly of found silver-plated tableware, explores the complex history of objects.

Rachelle Thiewes, Slipstream
18kt posts, steel, auto paint
1 ¼ x 1 ¾ inches
Value: $1,400
Minimum Bid: $700
Buy it Now: $1,500

Named as HCCC’s Texas Master in 2009, Rachelle Thiewes has created several bodies of work that have made an instrumental difference to the field of art jewelry. Like no other artist working today, she has taken into account the movement of the body and how a piece of jewelry might impact, or be impacted, by that movement.

Sandie Zilker, Multi-Disc Necklace
Sterling silver, onyx, acrylic
20 x 2 inches
Value: $1,200
Minimum Bid: $600
Buy it Now: $1,300

2014 Texas Master Sandie Zilker is no stranger to experimentation in color, contrast, texture, pattern, and form. She sums up her aesthetic philosophy as this: “I’m kind of noisy, and so is my work. There is usually something loud about everything I do or make. Being boring or bored is my worst fear.”