Margarita Madness!
2016 Silent Auction Preview

To make an early bid on an item, contact Suzanne Sippel at 713.529.4848 x202 or by January 20, 2016. Click here to learn more about Margarita Madness! Celebrating La Quinceañera.


“Bubbles & Discs Necklace” by Lyn Foley
Glass, 18 inches
Donated by Phyllis Childress
Value: $345
Minimum Bid: $175
Buy it Now: $400

Foley 1-556px

Using an exquisite combination of lampworked beads and discs, glass artist Lyn Foley has created a gorgeous statement piece. The necklace is cool to the touch, with a lovely texture for the skin. This will definitely add a sophisticated edge to any ensemble. We have proudly represented Lyn in the Asher Gallery for many years now – make sure to peek in the gallery and check out the newest arrivals!

“Serpenti” Handbag
Donated by: Bulgari
Value: $3,300
Minimum Bid: $1,700
Buy it Now: $3,400


An eternal symbol of Bulgari, the Serpenti collection is iconic to the brand’s history. The serpent has transcended centuries, traditions, and cultures to become the ultimate emblem of beauty and strength. This gorgeous and versatile Serpenti handbag features tiger’s-eye colored calf leather accented with light gold features and a ruby wine lining.

“Marruecos” Quinceañera Couture Gown
Donated by: Glitter by Alex
Value: $1,100
Minimum Bid: $550
Buy it Now: $1200


Stop them dead in their tracks with this breathtaking, couture two-piece look–perfect for a fabulous quinceañera celebration or an outrageous party!  Glitter by Alex offers exclusive collections from some of the top quinceañera designers in Mexico and the U.S.  This dreamy look is actually a beautifully constructed corset and skirt with incredible hand-beaded appliqués throughout.  The gown can be made in any color and size for the auction winner.  To get a real sense of the intricate detail, see it up close and in person at Margarita Madness!

“Gondola,” 2001 by Darren Petersen
Glass, 8 x16 x 2 inches
Donated by Ardis Bartle
Value: $1,875
Minimum Bid: $950
Buy it Now: $2,000

Gondola 2-556px

Darren Petersen enjoys the traditional style of Venetian glass-blowing, incorporating it into his sculptural works. This is an exquisite gondola form, punnily referencing both the glass and culture that is Venice. Darren, who works in Canada, produced this piece at Pilchuk Glass School in Washington, and, now, this piece will soon belong to a Houstonian. That is quite a long journey for a gondola, let alone a glass one!

Vintage Chanel Handbag
Donated by: Donae Chromasta/The Vintage Contessa
Value: $1,500
Minimum Bid: $700
Buy it Now: $1,600

Chanel 2-556px

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous,” the great Coco Chanel once said. There’s no better way to accessorize yourself for that goal than with this darling, bright, pink suede handbag. It’s the perfect size for a night out, with a vintage style that complements contemporary looks. Nothing makes a statement like a Chanel, so treat yourself to pure luxurious fun with this hot little number. Donated by The Vintage Contessa, a boutique that offers a curated collection of timeless luxury vintage bags from a variety of iconic designers.

Five-Night Stay at Amapas Hilltop Luxury Condo, Puerto Vallarta
Donated by Michael Piana
Value: $750
Minimum Bid: $400
Buy it Now: $900

PV-1-556px PV-2-556px PV-3-556px

Enjoy a five-night stay in this beautiful luxury condo with gorgeous views of Puerto Vallarta. The condo, which is about a 10 minute walk from town, has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and sleeps four people. Featuring a large terrace with a whirlpool and phenomenal, sweeping views of Old Town and the entire Banderas Bay, this condo is perfect for a sophisticated and relaxing getaway. Available on open dates from May 1 to October 31, 2016. A fully refundable security deposit of $150 is required upon confirmation. Winner to contact the owner for more details and availability.

“Untitled: Physalia Series #15 (Purple Jellyfish),”
1981 by Stephen Dee Edwards
Glass, 9 x 9 x 8 inches
Donated by Ardis Bartle
Value: $1,595
Minimum Bid: $800
Buy it Now: $1,700

Jellyfish-556px Jellyfish 2-556px

This playful and sophisticated form takes inspiration from jellyfish, but somehow solidifies the creature without losing its delicate weightlessness. Part of glass artist Stephen Dee Edwards Physalia Series from the early ‘80s, it is a lovely addition to any collection. Donated by Gulf Coast Glass Alliance director Ardis Bartle, it is only fitting for it to go to a new collector on our Gulf Coast.

Tossini Men’s Blazer, Shirt and Tie (size 44 American/54 Italian, shirt has 17 ½ neck)
Donated by Tossini
Value: $ 1,940
Minimum Bid: $800


Look sharp for the new year with a new blazer, shirt and tie from Tossini. Slip on some pants, and you’re ready to go! Tossini, a luxury clothing boutique in Highland Village, offers an incredible blend of Italian and French brands for men and women, curated with a very distinct point of view. The store carries several brands found nowhere else in Houston and also offers custom-made men’s clothing. Blazer and tie may be brought in for fittings/alterations if needed.

“Found” by Luisa Duarte
Monotype, 22 x 30 inches
Donated by Luisa Duarte
Value: $1,600
Minimum Bid: $800
Buy it Now: $1,700


Born in Venezuela, Luisa Duarte is a visual artist and world traveler with extensive ties to Latin America. As an artist with formal training in architecture, Duarte also found early inspiration in the geometric abstraction movement, all of which is loosely referenced in her work. Line and color provide important structural bases for an exploration of themes related to fragility–understanding it as a range of experiences and events that trigger meaningful change and growth. She engages with these themes through a variety of techniques and mediums, which include monotypes, digital art and objects.

Margarita Madness to Go!
Donated by HCCC Board of Directors
Value: $560
Minimum Bid: $250
Buy it Now: $600

Tequila 1-556px-v2

Let the madness continue at home with this deluxe basket of fine tequilas. Assembled by the HCCC Board of Directors, you’ll find so many delicious brands, you’ll be making margaritas for months! (However, some of these deserve to be sipped–try them and find out!)

“Eye Spy Blooming” by Susan Budge
Ceramic, 9 x 9 x 8 inches
Donated by Susan Budge
Value: $700
Minimum Bid: $350
Buy it Now: $800

Budge 1-556px Budge 2-556px

This gorgeous wall piece by current resident artist Susan Budge hides a secret deep within the bloom. Concealed there, you’ll find one of Susan’s signature aesthetics, a single eye. While many of her works incorporate this motif in a direct and bold fashion, this sculpture is far more demure, akin to a shy lady keeping tabs from the corners of the room. You’ll find the surface beauty of the work is a great complement to any room, while the secret inside makes a great conversation piece.

“The Gathering” by Lorena Morales
Enamel Paint on Plexiglass, 10 x 10 x 25 inches
Donated by Lorena Morales
Value: $1,800
Minimum Bid: $900
Buy it Now: $1,900


Color, line, shape, texture: these are the elements that we refer to most often when describing someone’s artwork. Indeed, Lorena Morales has mastered these elements, all of which are driven by her view of the natural world. She uses the shimmering qualities of enamel paint in a way that creates a beautiful radiant glow. Likewise, she has developed an ability to use line to create pattern, like effects that repeat without ever being static or boring.

Private Shopping Party at Asher Gallery
2 hours, check with HCCC for schedule availability.
Donated by HCCC
Value: $800
Minimum Bid: $350
Buy it Now: $900


You and 14 of your closest friends are invited to an exclusive after-hours Asher Gallery shopping experience. Enjoy special discounts while you sample refreshing beverages and savory snacks. Chat about the latest news and gossip as you look through our extensive selection of gorgeous jewelry, home decor and art pieces. Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer any questions, and introduce you to some our favorite artists. Perfect for a fun reunion, or a short gathering before you head out on the town—hopefully, dripping with new jewelry!

“SIMPLICITY (Recalling BauHaus)” by Kelyne Reis & James Myres
Wood, 30 x 10 x 15 inches
Donated by Kelyne Reis
Value: $2,250
Minimum Bid: $1,100
Buy it Now: $2,400

IMG_0886 (2)-556px

“My studio is a very happy place, where I am always experimenting with colors, shapes, visual effects. . . creating illusions, depth and unexpected compositions. I am a painter, who works mostly with acrylic paint on canvas. My works are a play between bright colors, geometric shapes and lines. Plain/clean surface without visible brush strokes gives them a contemporary, kind of pop, image. This particular sculpture, created in collaboration with James Myres, is figurative in the distinct fashion of Bauhaus.” – Kelyne Reis

“(Just) Another Figure” by Kelyne Reis & James Myres
Wood, 14 inches x 9.5 inches x 1 inch
Donated by Kelyne Reis
Value: $600
Minimum Bid: $300
Buy it Now: $700


Kelyne Reis is fascinated by how strongly the interaction between her works and the viewers is affected by the venue in which an exhibition takes place. Through the venues, her works gain different readings, even antagonistic meanings, turning her creative process even more exciting. What meanings will Margarita Madness! give to this figure – or, better yet, how will it react to your home? From what we can see, it will be a joyful and energetic addition to any space.

“Necklace” by Amber Tiemann
Silver, MOP, enamel, CZ, shell, pearl, 17 inches
Donated by Amber Tiemann
Value: $600
Minimum Bid: $300
Buy it Now: $700


You’ll be the belle of the ball with this chic lariat necklace by longtime Houston jeweler, Amber Tiemann. Using an unexpected combination of materials, Amber has created a fun, lightweight piece that is sure to draw many compliments. You can find more of Amber’s work, and meet her yourself, at her trunk show with Julia Gabriel on February 12th & 13th. Visit the Asher Gallery for more details and to purchase additional pieces. (Earrings, bracelets and rings, oh my!)

“Sonora” Brooch by Mariana Sammartino
Fabricated sterling silver, hand-pleated stainless steel mesh, 3.5 x 4 inches
Donated by Mariana Sammartino
Value: $1,200
Minimum Bid: $600
Buy it Now: $1,300

Santamarina 2-556px

Everyone knows a brooch must make a statement – and this one says nothing but class. With a delicate mesh pierced with a silver arc, this is a very wearable piece that just may provoke a little jealousy among those you pass. Mariana Sammartino enjoys working with mesh, as it allows the flexibility of fabric with the permanence of steel. This is truly a piece to be worn as you are out and about on the town.

“Cylinder Cross-Body Bag” by Julia Gabriel
Leather, canvas, 6 x 6 x 9.5 inches
Donated by Julia Gabriel
Value: $250
Minimum Bid: $125
Buy it Now: $300

Gabriel 2-556px

Using principles from architecture, with the precision and elegance of ballet, Julia Gabriel designs handmade accessories with striking geometric silhouettes in a bold palette. Everything from dyeing to cutting to sewing is done by hand and made to order. Join us for a special trunk show this February 12th and 13th featuring both Julia and jeweler Amber Tiemann. Learn more while browsing through a larger grouping of her work in the Asher Gallery.

4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is located in the Houston Museum District, two blocks south of Highway 59, near Rosedale St. Visitors should park in the free parking lot located directly behind the building, off Rosedale and Travis Streets, and enter through the back entrance. 

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4848 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is located in the Houston Museum District, two blocks south of Highway 59, near Rosedale St. Visitors should park in the free parking lot located directly behind the building, off Rosedale and Travis Streets, and enter through the back entrance. 

Free Admission


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