Breathe Arts in Houston

TripStatesPosted August 13, 2012 in In The News

Many of the big cities in Texas are quirky and artistic and Houston is no different. In fact, art organizations in Houston create many new paths for artists to share their craft. Whether you like performance arts such as ballet and theater, or visual arts like photography and painting there’s something for everyone in Houston. Niche groups have formed as well, offering many different programs for people looking for an eccentric artistic experience. Look no further than the great organizations in Houston for a dynamic and entertaining arts scene.

Performing Arts Organizations

The Ensemble Theater has been in operation for over 30 years and is one of the largest African-American Theater groups in the Southwest. In 5 or 6 staged shows per season, the group’s mission is to depict the African-American experience through performance in order to preserve the city’s African-American artistic culture.

Bobbindoctrin is an inventive theater group that has produced dozens of original puppet plays with the goal of introducing viewers to the art of puppetry. It is now one of the most distinguished performance arts groups in the city but it started as a small group of people performing in nightclubs and parking garages.

The Music Box Theater stages original comedy shoes in a building that once held the Radio Music Theatre’s sketch comedy performances. The troupe of 5 people, produce original shows such as “Damaged Divas of the Decades”, a show exploring fabulous divas over the years and more.

The Unhinged Productions theater organization has the mission of giving a voice to the LGBT community in the city by putting on humorous plays. The plays are often depicted with humor but portray personal experiences having to do with prejudice, individuality and discrimination. The theater company is known for creating high quality work with a message and raising awareness.

Visual Arts Organizations

The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft celebrates the highest level of craft made out of different types of materials including clay, met, wood, glass and much more. The Center provides exhibition and studio space for local and national artists to bring awareness to the original and creative worked that is being produced. It is a fantastic resource for the community. Tourists and local visitors of the center can view the exhibitions, talk to the artists and take part in workshops to learn about artists’ crafts. Check the latest exhibits here.

The Houston Center for Photography showcases photography from new artists. It is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting new photography. The Center has displayed work from some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. It is one of the main reasons photography has become the world renowned art form that it is today.

The Lawndale Art Center is committed to showcasing work from all different media. The focus is on popularizing local Houston artists. The center houses 3 galleries in its Art-Deco style establishment in the Museum District part of town and hosts more than 20 events per year. These events include exhibitions, special art presentations and talks.

Midtown’s Station Museum is well known for showcasing provocative and inspiring art displays. The museum’s mission is to raise awareness of all that art can do for the community as well as the different dimensions of art that affect cultural, political, personal and economic factors in the community. The museum offers around 4 changing exhibits per year.

If you’re interested in art and learning about how art affects Houston as a community, consider visiting these art centers for a firsthand experience with the great art programs in the area. Art is a very important part of what makes Houston the quirky, fun, historic city it is today.

— Written by Laura F @LauraTFrancis