Shaken and stirred: Retro martini bash
triggers sexy Mad Men dress, feather boas and Latin passion

CultureMap HoustonPosted February 5, 2014 in In The News

The bartenders were a busy bunch at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft the other night when the annual “Martini Madness” fundraiser drew a swinging and swaying crowd of close to 250. The vodka-laced drinkies fueled a wave of Latin dancing that saluted the Night in Havana theme.

Trio Fórte provided the musical vibes of Havana in the ’50s, entertainment that kept the dance floor bumping throughout the night. Of course, the Deep Eddy Vodka concoctions including lemon drops, ruby red cosmos and “Tropicanas” kept the thirst at bay. And no ordinary martini glasses would do for this sixth annual cocktail fundraiser. Craft artists, both local and national, created an assortment of glasses that had guests stumped, at least momentarily, as they tried to select their favorite from the vast and colorful offerings. Martini glass in hand, they were off and running.

There was bidding to do at the Big Board with gallerist Wade Wilson, shopping in the popular Asher Gallery and loads of fashion-watching as this crowd typically dresses in Mad Men regalia. Although this year, a few opted for tropical fashions, which meant a mixed fashion bag of fedoras, feather boas and pink flamingos. Plus lots of fur and feathers on this chilly night and silk flowers in the hair.

In keeping with the theme, Latin American sustenance was provided by Cordúa Catering, which filled tummies with offerings that included empanadas, lobster corn dogs, paella and plenty of Cordúa’s plantain chips while Cacao & Cardamom showed off its dessert talents with sculpted artisan chocolates in tropical flavors such as guava tamarind and mango caramel.

Socializing beneath the live palm trees that contributed to the Havana vibe were chairs Betsy and Chuck Powell, honorary chairs Marie Louise and David Kinder, Bobbie and John Nau, Tiffany and Charles Masterson, Clint Willour, Lindsey George, Will Walsh, Lisa and Michael Pearson, Paula Arnold and HCCC executive director Julie Farr.