At this year’s Spring Luncheon, HCCC presents a silent auction of exquisite sculpture, jewelry, and objects created by several current and former resident artists.

Preview the items below, and, if you wish to place a bid or purchase a piece at the Buy It Now price, please contact Suzanne Sippel at or 713-529-4848 x 106.

See the items in person at the Crafting a Legacy Spring Luncheon, on Wednesday, April 19th!

Anila Quayyum Agha, Untitled
Paper, embroidery thread, 13 x 11 ½ inches
Value: $1,500
Opening Bid: $750

Winner of both the public vote and juried prize at the prestigious 2014 international art competition, ArtPrize, 2005 Resident Artist Anila Quayyum Agha is well known for her work utilizing pattern and light to explore the deeply entwined political relationships among gender, culture, religion, labor, and social codes.

Jessica Andersen, Animal
Brass, salvaged aluminum cans, 6 x 6 x 2 ½ inches
Value: $350
Opening Bid: $175
Buy It Now: $400

One of HCCC’s newest residents, Jessica Andersen brings a fresh way of looking at repurposed materials as she explores and flaunts the preciousness of the found object, revealing the appeal of everyday detritus through the construction and presentation of jewelry.

Melissa Borrell, Mosaic Pendant and Earrings
3-D Printed nylon, steel, pendant: 3 inches in diameter, 18-inch wire; earrings: 2 ½ x 1
Value: $125
Opening Bid: $65
Buy It Now: $150

Inspired by technology and architectural forms, 2004 resident artist Melissa Borrell sees functional art serving to break the barrier between the viewer and object, creating new sculpture from the joining of jewelry and the figure.

Rebecca Braziel, Hang
Paper, charcoal, 35 x 27 x 2 ½ inches
Value: $1,600
Opening Bid: $800
Buy It Now: $1,700

This incredibly textured work on paper by recent resident artist Rebecca Braziel is a wonderful meditation on time.  Using hundreds, if not thousands, of small motions with an X-ACTO knife, she painstakingly created the finished piece.

Gabriel Craig / Amy Weiks, Hand-Forged Steel Cheese Knife Set
Mild Steel, 5 x 3 x ½; 6 ½ x 2 ½; 5 ¾ x 2 ¼ x ¾ inches
Value: $800
Opening Bid: $400
Buy It Now: $900

This handmade set of steel cheese knives feels sophisticatedly industrial and infinitely more special than your average stainless-steel set, with a flat knife for cutting and spreading soft cheeses, a sharper blade for hard cheeses, and a pronged knife that can be used to cut, spear, and serve cheese.

Elizabeth DeLyria, Flow of Earth, Wind, and Water
Ceramic, 15 x 10 x 7 inches
Value: $850
Opening Bid: $425
Buy It Now: $950

2010 resident artist Elizabeth DeLyria sculpts clay into the textures and forms of wood, water, and stone as she seeks to convey the essence of the water’s edge.

Tarina Frank, Of Hearts and Ladders
Silver, copper, glass, wood, found photograph, 6 x 2 ½ inches, 24-inch chain
Value: $850
Opening Bid: $425
Buy It Now: $950

As a 2012-2013 resident artist, HCCC Education & Programs Manager Tarina Frank   played with the idea of wearable art, ranging from simple, tiny, and traditional jewelry to costumes and masks.

Rebecca Lynn Hewitt, Lavender Dreams
Silver, walnut, lavender, 1 x ½ inches with 20 inch chain
Value: $400
Opening Bid: $200
Buy It Now: $500

With a strong interest in environmental issues, current resident artist Rebecca Lynn Hewitt works with sustainable materials, such as dried and pressed flora, wood, and silver to create her stunning pieces.

Paris Jomadaio, Synthesis
Paper, 21 x 21 x 1 ¾ inches
Value: $500
Opening Bid: $250
Buy It Now: $550

2013 resident artist Paris Jomadaio was initially drawn to the process of cut paper as a means of creating illustrations. Over time, she developed this technique to create artwork that deals primarily with the personal narratives of everyday experiences, interactions, relationships, and struggles.

Jaydan Moore, F.B. Rogers Collection: Set of Two Pitchers
Silver-plated pitchers, 10 x 10 x 9 inches
Value: $1100
Opening Bid: $550

As the inaugural recipient of the American Craft Council’s Emerging Voices Award, 2012 resident artist Jaydan Moore brings a focused and well cultivated vision and aesthetic to contemporary craft, transforming abandoned silver plates into innovative sculptures.

Gary Schott, The Flying Elephant
Cedar, walnut, brass, stainless steel wire, paint, 24 ½ x 63 inches
Value: $1,800
Opening Bid: $900
Buy It Now: $1,900

Intrigued by the term, utilitarian, 2015 resident Gary Schott finds himself drawn to creating objects that balance between aesthetics and function, always incorporating a humorous undertone to allow for playful interactions between object and viewer.

Eric Stearns, Boxed In
Ceramic, 13 x 3 inches
Value: $725
Opening Bid: $375
Buy It Now: $800

Current resident Eric Stearns, who has captivated social media with his time-lapse videos of the creation of his thrown and pierced sculptures, hopes to strike a chord with viewers through his work, which conveys a fragile and fleeting existence.

Kamila Szczesna, pliable impressions no 14
Ceramic, 21 x 21 x 1 ¾ inches
Value: $650
Opening Bid: $325
Buy It Now: $700

The pulled, drooped, squeezed, and tensioned portions in the forms of 2013 resident Kamila Szczesna’s sculpture illustrate physical realities and their sensory origins.

Shiyuan Xu, Untitled
Porcelain, 11 x 9 ½ x 7 inches
Value: $850
Opening Bid: $425
Buy It Now: $950

Primarily working with porcelain paper clay, current resident Shiyuan Xu hand builds structures with slabs and coils to create intricate sculptures, exploring natural forms at the microscopic level through her own interpretation of scientific facts.